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How to connect your Education Spotify Podcast to your Learning Materials?

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As we continuously improve our educational system, how the use of Spotify Podcast QR code contributes to transforming the learning process? 

It’s no secret that Spotify podcasts are being viewed as a promising new tool in the education industry. As learners are now in modular learning and homeschooling, the use of printed materials seems not enough to provide quality education given that people learn differently. Because of this, educators are tapping the use of QR codes. Educators are now ¬¬able to include audio and video files with the integration of QR codes in their learning materials.

What is an Education Spotify Podcast?

Education Spotify Podcast is a series of educational episodes in audio files that features a particular topic or current events. Users can download the audio file to their personal devices for easy listening conveniently and innovatively. This allows learners to listen to audio files anytime, whether they are traveling or doing some work,  and can even play it repeatedly.

According to Statista’s latest podcast listeners’ statistics estimates, the US will have a total 82.7 million of podcast listeners at the end of 2021. With so many education Spotify Podcasts released and active podcast creators, it would not be difficult for educators to look for content that fits their subjects. They can also make their own podcasts.

How to create an Education Spotify Podcasts QR code?

Through the use of the best QR code generator online, creating QR code for education Spotify QR code becomes hassle-free. Here are the easy steps to follow:

  • Copy the link of the episode you want to share by logging in to Spotify either on the app or desktop.  You can also use the audio file you have downloaded already.
  • Open  and sign up for a QR code generator with logo online.
  • Select the URL feature and paste the link (MP3 for an audio file already on your device).
  • Generate and customize your QR code.
  • Test and then download.

After creating your Spotify podcasts QR code, you can now deploy it either in printed learning materials or in digital forms. When printing, better use the SVG format as it is scalable and does not lose its quality.

Benefits of Spotify Podcast QR codes in learning materials

Refreshes learners’ Engagement 

Adding QR codes embedded with an audio file allows learners to be involved in listening activities thus refreshing their engagement with the learning materials provided to them. 

Easy Access

Learners can access the audio file any time online after scanning the QR code. They can also download the Spotify podcast on their devices and listen to it anytime and anywhere. Besides, the use of QR code eliminates typing errors since learners need not type the URL. QR codes work on any smartphone, by just simply pointing their phone’s camera on the QR code, they will be directed straight to the audio file.

Ability to Playback

Admit it, some of us are having difficulty understanding the topic upon hearing it for the first time. The worst is, we easily forget things after hearing them. The use of Spotify Podcast QR codes allows learners to listen to the audio file repeatedly.


Spotify Podcast QR code is recommended to be a dynamic type of QR code as it holds more data. Being dynamic, you can update the audio file embedded on the QR code. 


Teachers can track the data of the number of scans, location, time of the scan, and type of device used to scan the QR code.


Connecting education Spotify podcast in learning materials through the use of QR codes is a medium that techy learners look forward to having. As it is now becoming an essential learning format in transforming the educational system, getting teachers equipped with knowledge about technology means getting one step towards the future of education. 

And if you are planning to create one for your techy learners, you can always go to a QR code generator to make one and let them listen to the podcast about the topic they will be learning. 

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