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Get All to Know About Centos VPS Hosting

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Centos VPS Hosting

Centos VPS Hosting – Hostzealot is good at getting VPS! I want to say that I am satisfied with the VPS hosting service from Hostzealot. Any web host that you have tried before cannot provide such good hosting. As it turned out, the deciding factor, after price, features, was that their servers were based near my home.HostZealot offers a wide range of diverse options, including shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, etc. They also provide domain name registration so that you can have it all in one place.

Centos VPS Hosting

The CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System), a Linux distribution, is ideal for 32-bit and 64-bit VPS hosting. CentOS VPS hosting natively supports Xen and KVM virtualization, making it a perfect choice when selecting a VPS hosting operating system.

CentOS VPS hosting benefits from operating system optimization for functionality in a Centos VPS Hosting environment. CentOS is the most incredible, freely available alternative to RHEL for VPS hosting.

Package management in a CentOS VPS hosting environment uses the simple and powerful YUM package manager. Hostzealot have servers in Europe, Canada, US, Asia, and Oceania so you can get the hosting you need no matter where your audience is. They also have a large network capacity, which allows you to have a high level of traffic without causing any problems.

32 Bit Versions:


CentOS 6 (latest)

64BIT Versions Available:

CentOS 6 (latest)

CentOS 7 (latest)

CentOS 7 with cPanel

What are the Advantages of a Centos VPS Hosting?

DotBlock offers five different versions of CentOS available in our virtual private server hosting environment. A CentOS VPS is an intermediate step between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, allowing you to expand your accessible resources to align with your growing needs. And also, With full root access to your CentOS VPS Hosting, you can easily manage your accounts, server configurations, and software installations, all from your DotBlock control panel.

Since your CentOS VPS system is partitioned, your account will be completely secure and unaffected by other users. This partition guarantees that your server will have its dedicated resources (RAM, CPU), which will not be affected by other users of the system.

What are my Centos VPS Hosting Options?

DotBlock offers several versions of the CentOS operating system available for turnkey use on our VPS hosting platform. The 32-bit version of Cent available is CentOS 6 (most recent). If you need cPanel on your Centos VPS Hosting, you will need to go for the 64-bit version of CentOS 6 (the latest).

Centos VPS Hosting Features

There are several [CentOS VPS hosting] features available, contributing to its wide acceptance among users. CentOS VPS is packed with features that improve its throughput. Some of the features that you can take advantage of are as follows:

• Support for Multiple Managements

CentOS VPS supports various management options. Virtual private servers can generally be managed or unmanaged. And also, Managed VPS implies that your service provider is responsible for performing multiple tasks, including updating and installing software on your server. Meanwhile, some tech-savvy users are opting for the unmanaged VPS plan. Although, In an unmanaged VPS plan, the user is solely responsible for managing technical tasks. The service provider ensures the regular maintenance of the website.

Managing the VPS server can be tricky. Therefore, we recommend CentOS VPS for ease of use. As mentioned above, the Cent operating system supports several management programs. These programs include cPanel, Webmin, Plesk, InterWorx, DirectAdmin, CWP, Virtualmin, and Spacewalk. These platforms allow users to host multiple websites and track server activities. Also, you can run a mail server, a game server, and a web host at the same time.

• Standard Material

Another Premium [CentOS VPS hosting] feature that we offer is the standard hardware options available. These, including SSDs and Intel Xeon processors, provide maximum uptime and faster upload and download speeds for users. In addition, it increases the capacity level of your server.

• Rigorous Security

We have implemented strict security measures, including a system of protection against DDoS attacks. It prevents your server from suddenly failing in performance. In addition, we have firewalls, which ensure that your server is protected even against dangerous DDoS attacks. Applying our policy ensures that unsupported agents do not access your data or information. Hence, our 3-way storage system stores and restores data in the event of a loss.


We have several versions of Centos VPS. With this, you can choose the preferred option that you want to expand with your server. Also, you can top up and upgrade your Centos VPS in case you don’t need an existing version. With our supplier company, you can upgrade quickly and inexpensively. We have affordable upgrade plans available for each of our customers. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from a project at will.

If you need help setting up your own CentOS VPS, you can contact our customer support team. We have well-trained staff who are available 24/7. You can communicate while we appropriately answer your questions. If you are short on time and need a managed CentOS VPS, we are the right fit for your business. And also, You can reach us via online chat or email

If you are looking for an average VPS, you can buy the standard packages from us. Packages in this category have well-balanced functionality and power. In addition, we have optimized and memory-optimized processor plans, which provide additional strength and memory for the processor.

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