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How Can You Revisit The 60s Era with Trivia Board Games 

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Imagine sitting in your garden while sipping on coffee and thinking of the old times and what has changed since the past. Of course, today, technology is way ahead than before, and the world has altogether advanced to a whole new level, but nothing compares to the joy from the little moments that you’ve lived in the past. Every time you think about it, you end up saying – those were the days! 

Times were indeed much simpler back then. The millennials picture the boomer era like a scene from the black and white movies. But as a matter of fact, the 60s era was way more colorful than today. The baby boomers would wish for a time- machine to revisit the past. There’s another fun way of revisiting the 60’s and reminiscing the good old days – trivia board games. Here’s how.

Take a Deep Dig on Your Knowledge

If you are from the baby boomer era, you probably have experienced too much. You have seen trends being born and vanished. From giant televisions to smart flat-screen, from radio to the internet, from the mop bob to shattered bob, from psychedelic rock to rap, from political mayhem to rising democracy, the list goes on. You have seen so much and have such strong knowledge and experiences.

A trivia board game is a fun way to recall the events and happenings from the past. The questions related to the year of a particular event (Vietnam war) or the name of an event or any other fun facts are a great way of recalling the important events from the past and taking a dig at your knowledge at the same time. 

Pops from the Past

It seems like just day before when you were listening to the Beatles with your buddy. It’s been so many years, and you still remember the lyrics and the good old college days. Play trivia board games like Boom Again with your buddies and find out if they remember the bygone era’s favorite pop singers. The questions are categorically crafted, and all you need is an excellent recalling power to get the correct answer.

Fun Facts

Did you know that the first star was placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960, and the honor goes to Joanne Woodward? Throw a trivia quiz on your friends and see if they remember. A trivia board game is a reminder of such big and small fun facts from the past. There’s so much from the era to recall over a fun trivia game.

You lived the events that took place in the 60s; the Y and the Z generations might not even have a clue about these facts, and that’s how you outsmart them when they try to outsmart you with technical questions.

Just Like Old Times

A trivia board game is a fun way to relive your golden days, just like you and your buddies would plan a fun get together and roll with laughter back then. The times may have gone, but you can still live the memories. Just like the old days, you can stroll down memory lane and remember similar moments and how life used to be back then with some exciting trivia board games. 

Choose one that lets you read, hear, and engagely reminisce about those moments. Some high-end games even let you interact and play on Zoom with your distantly located buddies or relatives. 

Your friends might even recall the moments that you might have forgotten, and you can discuss all the adventures from the past and laugh at those while bonding again.


The best thing about games from the 60s was teamwork. Unlike today, the games were played in teams back then. This was a great way to play as a group and have fun at the same time. 

With combined efforts and unmatched energy of the teams, the overall spirit of the game was uplifted, and the enthusiasm back then was huge. To relive those memories, you can choose a trivia board game that can be played in teams. You can team up with your best buddies or play against them. The fun part is that you might not recall the answer to a specific question, but anybody from your team might come up with the answer and help your team win!

So, what’s there to wait now? The drill is the same- drinks, music, snacks, and lots of laughter. Plan a reunion with your friends and play a trivia board game reminiscing the good old days. 


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