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Exciting Tech Startups to Watch Out for in 2021

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With changing technologies, there are many tech startups ready to disruptive the IT sector. In fact, these startups offer innovative solutions to complex issues. But disruption is not enough for modern tech startups; they have to appeal to their target audience to engage and communicate.

In 2021, you will witness a more constant disruption in the form of AI-based platforms and applications that can change the course of many industries. But AI garners more than just popularity; the technology now can represent various industries.

In the last couple of years, innovative technologies continue to break the boundaries. Whether it’s Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, new tech startups want to offer landmark solutions to legal issues or way of learning.

COVID-19 and Tech Industry

Just like other industries, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the growth of the IT sector. In fact, many companies find it hard to maintain growth or live up to the high market demands. The newfound challenges in post-COVID-19 will continue to grapple startups. It would be better to focus on how new startups in 2021 plan to offer more innovative tech solutions.

Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the most exciting tech startups you need to keep a close eye on in 2021:


As far as learning to play the piano goes, it is hard to top an AI-powered app like Skoove. The platform offers insightful resources, song selection, hand movement techniques, and an intuitive user experience. You can take piano lessons online without paying a lot of money to an instructor. You can receive instant support and schedule piano sessions as per your pace and level of difficulty.


One of the growing names in the tech startup scene is Photoneo. The startup offers modern automation solutions based on robotic intelligence. Bloging automation tool that personalizes client experiences with your brand. It wants to revitalize industrial change through its 3D vision. The company has a series of smart systems that run on AI-powered algorithms.

In fact, the source and foundation of these algorithms is rigorous training from a multitude of data sets. Photoneo’s trained algorithms can adapt to new data and recognize new variants in the blink of an eye.

The startup embraces the most advanced AI-based approach to localize and segment data of set objects. Its systems have the capacity to recognize objects with different textures, sizes, materials, and sizes.


The startup provides an autonomous mobility service on a global scale. The idea to create the most reliable and safest self-driving technology is no longer a figment of the imagination. The startup managed to garner more than $267 million in funding last year.

Experts are predicting that the automated technology from Pony can set a new precedent for self-driving technology in 2021. But Argo is another similar AI-based tech startup that wants to revolutionize and streamline self-driving technology.

Argo platform also offers more integration, maps, and hardware capabilities. The startup wants to make traveling through self-driving cars convenient, affordable, and easier. At the same time, it aligns the improved user experience with various safety features.


Affirm is another impressive FinTech startup that focuses on AI and ML technologies. It has managed to perfect AI algorithms that would be able to help you buy affordable items online. Affirm’s credit underwriting algorithms are unique in their own right.

Another new startup in the FinTech industry is Zelros. It uses similar optimized AI technology to offer instant access to the newest insurance policies offered by insurance companies and banks. Essentially, Affirm is an online B2B software vendor that intends to build a heightened customer relationship.


Many tech startups are transforming the healthcare industry, and one such startup is using AI-based tools to screen and treat women with breast cancer. CureMetrix focuses on a mammography AI tool that allows radiologists to screen, diagnose, and treat women with precision. One of their tools is FDA approved and offers sophisticated diagnostic services to renowned radiologists around the world.

Ainnova Tech

This new progressive tech startup empowers its team with AI technology to build software for the betterment of the people. Its BrainTD tool allows healthcare professionals to make logical decisions and improve the overall assistance to the patient.

In short, Ainnova Tech’s BrainTD categorizes and segments brain tumors through supervised learning. Its AI system is integrated and trained for up to ten thousand classified images. In order to classify the tumor with utmost accuracy, it utilizes a neural network. It is a self-sustainable tool that segments and classifies the tumor the moment it sees an image. Medical teams can compare the variants in images and make more accurate decisions.

Fox Robotics

This new tech startup wants to reshape industrial automation. It offers warehouse automation solution through, AI-based industrial robotics, cloud robotics, and as well as self-driving cars. The tech startup believes there is a need for a major paradigm shift in industrial automation and wants to fulfill the gap through adaptable industrial AI-based warehouse solutions.


What if an entire workforce can take care of tasks in large physical domains? Well, now you can through SenSat’s real-time and interactive visual intelligence platform. The idea is to help make an informed decision, cut down on costs, and resolve complex issues. Visual intelligence programs the computer software to interact and understand complex problem and offer an interactive solution in real-time.


This startup uses unsupervised and supervised machine learning technology to aid legal professionals. It is essentially an AI platform that wants to help lawyers, attorneys, and paralegals research and augment documents better. It offers a shared learning experience that allows legal professionals to understand the gravity of the situation and take action without delay.


GitLab is not a new startup name, but it continues to evolve faster than anyone expected. The open-source code repository platform has managed to draw the attention of investors throughout the globe. Mainly, this keen interest stems from the fact that how good the startup has become on its collaborative initiatives for coders.

Fundamentally, it offers a Git code repository for coders to monitor, manage, communicate, and collaborate on built-in code’s CI/CD functionality. The valuation of the company is $6 billion in 2021. Currently, the tech startup has backers like Iconiq Capital and Goldman Sachs.


This Swedish-based tech startup offers funnel specialization on the foundation of robust Software-as-a-service technology. It allows you to amalgamate advertising and marketing data of clients without concern for source location and offers complete insights about the customers.

Some of the big clients of the Funnel are Samsung and Ubisoft that want to harness the power of visual business intelligence to extract and prepare data. It is the best-automated approach to collect and organize complex data to make confident business decisions.

Final Thoughts

If you pay attention, you will realize that the best startups have many attributes in common. For instance, the most exciting new startups believe in extensive market research before offering a product or service. Furthermore, these startups want to engage communities through robust solutions. With disruptive new tech ideas, you can expect to see a change in the status of the current marketplace.


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