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What Is Quantum physics And Quantum Physics for beginners.

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quantum physics

What is Quantum Physics:

Quantum physics is the branch of science that studies the characteristics, behaviors, and interactions of particles at the atomic and subatomic levels.

The quantum ( quantum, in Latin) is the minimum amount of any physical entity. This term was taken directly from Latin by the German physicist Max Planck (1858-1947) and refers to the least amount of energy concentrated in a particle, as is, for example, the photon.

A photon is a quantum of light. The plural of quantum is known as quanta.

In the year 1900, the quantum concept creates in the proposal of the quantum theory postulated by Planck, where he explained the radiation of the black body or dark body.

Quantum Theory

Quantum theory was reinforced in 1905 by physicist Albert Einstein when explaining the photoelectric effect (for which, in addition, he won a Nobel Prize). But it was not until the year 1920 that it determines that the science that would study these particles would be called quantum mechanics as a branch of physics.

  • Relativity
  • Mechanics

Quatum Physics For Beginners

The quantum mechanics or quantum physics is a subject that itches and spreads, wide enough to keep incomplete without being completely deciphered, we know is a drop of water in this great ocean of knowledge.

Therefore do not feel like a beginner or a dummie for not knowing much because those who study it are not scholars of these theories, nor do we know everything.

Five Bullets of Quantum Physics for Beginners


A rather funny vignette on Einstein’s famous theory of relativity.

The qubits

Since you’ve come this far, a slightly bigger bullet on some basic quantum mechanics concepts in the computing world.

De Broglie’s relationship

The de Broglie relation is present here. He was talking about how material objects could behave like waves, even objects like a baseball.

Schrödinger’s cat

A reasonably well-known case is from Schrödinger’s cat experiment, which appeared in quantum mechanics’ early beginnings. It essentially tells us about the behavior of nature when it not observes.

Young’s experiment

In this vignette, the phenomenon that occurred in the double-slit experiment or Young’s experiment uses the electrons behaved as waves when one observes them and as corpuscles when they did. Quite curious.

Tunnel effect

Here it is a matter of gracefully showing the tunnel effect, a consequence of the particles behaving like a wave and a corpuscle simultaneously, making it possible for it to cross the wall.

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