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Nuraloop Headphones: the First Smart in-ear Headphones that Adapt to the Way you Listen.

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nuraloop headphones

Nuraloop Headphones

The Nuraloop headphones are the first intelligent in-ear devices that automatically learn and adapt to your hearing’s characteristics to offer you a high-level, personalized response.

Nura Nuraloop

Nura Nuraloop is smart in-ear headphones that automatically learn and adapt to each user’s hearing characteristics.

These innovative headphones offer a commitment to the highest audio quality guaranteeing real sound, without altering a single nuance of what the artist and engineer intended to show in their original work.

Contrary to what happens with «flat reproduction» systems, which are suitable for applications more oriented to sound design and editing. A 100% linear curve is required; Nuraloop headphones can measure the unique characteristics of hearing of each user.

In this way, the system can apply a curve that personalizes the sound, guaranteeing not linear reproduction, but linear hearing, a detail that makes a big difference.

These innovative HiFi headphones use an innovative patented technology known as Inova Architecture to learn and adapt to the unique way in which each person perceives sounds. This ultra-precise calibration sonic molding uses a sensor and signal processing system to automatically measure the listener’s hearing profile in just 60 seconds, without user intervention.

In this way, during the calibration process, the NURA mobile application will create a graphic representation of the user’s hearing profile to consult all the details of their particular musical label.

In constant improvement

Another of the great advantages of the brand is its constant improvement and availability to listen to the users. With this, implement corrections, changes, and new capabilities through Nuraloop software and firmware updates.


Before calibrating the Nuraloop, it will be necessary to download the free NURA application via the App Store / iTunes or Google Play. Next, to run the NURA mobile application and carry out the calibration process to configure the Nuraloop, you only need to have a mobile device with iOS 9.3 and Android 5.0 to use Bluetooth. The application offers the possibility of creating an auditory profile and saving the configuration of up to three users for each device.

Calibration should only do via Bluetooth, and all cables must be disconnected. Once installed, the NURA mobile app offers a step-by-step, guided calibration process.

After performing the calibration, you can compare the hearing profile of the Nuraphone by switching between generic and custom modes.

Dive mode

It offers the user the real feeling of being at a live concert. Therefore, the mode offers seven dive level settings that can access by sliding a slider.

Tactile buttons

Nuraphone has two touch buttons located on the left and right side of the headphones that can configure to activate an infinite number of functionalities.

Charge and autonomy

The headphones can charge by connecting them to a wall charger or a computer using the included USB-A cable. They are powered by the built-in batteries when operating both in Bluetooth mode and connected with an analog cable. The NuraLoop’s battery takes approximately two hours to charge fully.

Once the batteries fully charge, the headphones offer an autonomy of between 16 hours before requiring a new charge (the exact duration depends on the usage habits). With the NuraLoop PlayClip magnetic connector, the cables are automatically engaging.


Nuraloop can be used with a mobile phone to make. However, And receive calls as long as it connects via Bluetooth or Lightning cable. Likewise, it has universal connectivity. This means that it can connect to any device compatible with the following connectors:

Wireless: Bluetooth enabled devices

Analog: standard 3.5mm jack

Digital: USB-A (computer)

The analog cable cannot use when the NuraLoop battery not charge. The NuraLoop USB-A charging cable (included) is for charging only, audio cannot hear with this cable. The NuraLoop’s custom sound works regardless of how you connect, either wirelessly or wired.


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