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Nomos Glashutte Guide: The Striking Mechanical Watches Of All Time

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Looking for a luxury watch brand that’s within your budget? The Nomos Glashütte brand offers its contemporary designs and intricate micromechanics to customers who value innovation and precision. But what makes the German watchmaker a hit among its competitors? Here’s why you have to get your hands on Nomos Glashütte masterpieces.

A Watch for Fashion and Style

Several German watchmakers already hit thousands of homes in neighboring towns and countries. Nomos Glashütte is one of the latest German luxury watch brands that collectors adore today. When you love fashion, you can never go wrong with Nomos Watches.

Nomos Glashütte offers a long list of watch collections suitable for any outfit. The designs range from simple to sophisticated. Leather straps go well with anything, and Nomos Glashütte uses them for their various watch offers. They come in black, blue, and other natural-toned colors.

Aside from their straps, fans love Nomos watches dial colors. You can find dials with striking colors, silver-plated, and darker color tones. You can pair your bold-colored dresses with watch models with vivid dial colors or opt for silver and darker tones for formal attires and luxurious events.

Another thing that you should look out for is their signature dial shapes. Nomos watches are perfect for people who love to add a unique blend into their watch collections. The watch models come in the standard circle and the eye-catching square and tonneau shapes.

Are you looking for the ideal watch to complete your everyday outfit? The Lux Hermelin offers a timeless design and tonneau dial. With the colors of rose gold, gray, and creme, you can pair it with any spring, summer, and autumn look.

Rich History

The Nomos Glashütte company is one of the latest German brands to enter the luxury watchmaking scene. Unlike its competitors, who have been in the industry for years, the company was founded just two months after the Berlin Wall’s historic fall in 1990. Roland Schwertner started the company, which then became a favorite worldwide.

From being a manufacturing mechanical watches company, their dedication to creating their masterpieces led them in developing their very first automatic watch in 2005. Nomos Glashütte became a household brand for quality and simple manual and mechanical watches in Germany.

You can get a vintage-designed watch at Nomos Glashütte to exude timeless beauty in your watch collection. The Tangente 33 karat is appealing for collectors looking for a less modern touch in their watches. With its velour leather strap and gold dial, it offers timeless beauty to your overall style.

In-House Movements

Nomos watches are famous for their in-house movements among the luxury watch collectors since 2005. But in just a few years, Nomos Glashütte introduced three movements in 2014 and 2015: the Swing System, DUW 3001 caliber, and DUW 6101. The release of both movements changed the game for Nomos Glashütte.

The Swing System boosted the production capabilities of Nomos Glashütte. They didn’t have to rely on third-party suppliers or their micromechanics, and they were able to produce watches at their desired pace.

The DUW 3001 emits German watchmaking with its blue screws and three-quarter plate. Nomos collections such as the Ludwig, Tengente, Minimatik, and more are using the 3.2mm DUW 3001 movement. Offering precise time and ligter weight.

Not long after the release of DUW 3001, Nomos Glashütte released their  DUW 6101 movement. Though it’s 0.4mm bigger than DUW 3001, it is still extremely slender among luxury watch models. Get the DUW 6101 in a luxurious yet straightforward watch model with the Tangente Neomatik 39 Midnight blue

Limited Collection

Sometimes we love to get a hold of limited watch collections, but they can be costly. On Nomos Glashütte, you can browse through options of affordable limited collection wristwatches.

Since most of their models are only available for a limited quantity, you may find some of these watches in second-hand shops for a hefty price. Some of the designs are only available in specific countries or places too. Until this day, people are still fawning over the Tangente Barneys New York and the Nomos Tangente Urushi, which were only released in Japan.

If you don’t want to miss out on any new limited watch collection offers on Nomos Glashütte, get the latest updates from their website. Often, the German watch brand drops a few new watch models available in certain places and times.

Luxurious Materials

It’s not easy to purchase luxury watch models with impressive designs and materials. When you are buying watch models from other brands with low prices, you often end up with stainless steel. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some stainless steel models are even made to pre-order and hard to find.

But if you prefer gold materials while on a tight budget, you can always turn to Nomos Glashütte watch models. They offer 18k rose gold and white gold options starting from 17,000 USD, and that’s even a brand new price. You can also choose watch models with a sapphire crystal glass back too.


Nomos Glashütte is the ideal luxury watch brand to complete any look and add sophistication to your watch collection. You can get brand new models at prices starting from 1,400 USD. Interested in starting your luxury watch collection? Get the best mechanical watches from Nomos Glashütte.


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