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What Is Laser Cutting Process And It Uses

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laser cutting

Among all the options that exist within precision machining, one of the youngest is laser cutting. In short, the laser cutting process consists of concentrating a light beam on the surface to be cut.

Laser Cutting Process

laser cutting process

The laser cutting process uses a precision mirror system, a converging focus lens, the high-power laser beam, and the CNC or numerical control system, which we discussed in the previous post. With it, all aspects of the cutting process control using lasers, from the frequency and speed of the beam to the values ​​of the head and the part, depending on the exact order we need.

One of the interesting details of laser cutting is the need to use some material to evacuate the cut material. Argon or an inert gas under pressure usually uses, and air can also be effective for non-mechanical materials.

This type of technique allows increased productivity, obtaining clean cutting edges, prevents overheating, resists corrosion, reduces discoloration, does not generate rust, and the finishes are free of slag.

Why Use the Machine for Laser Cutting

uses laser cutting process

  • It does not produce as many chips as the conventional cutting process.
  • It is perfect for pre-cuts and final cuts.
  • That can use to make contours on the surface, silhouette adjustments, or pieces to manipulate.
  • And It does not produce burrs if the graduation is correct.

That can be used on any material, either soft or hard. It is usual to use it in all kinds of thermo-resistant alloys, such as, for example, ceramics, in composites, leathers, fabrics, Sicilian, plastic, etc. Depending on the material, the radiation is different.

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