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How to use Crypto for Esports Betting

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Esports Betting

Esports Betting – Esports has been on the rise all over the world since 2020. As a result, the gambling industry has started to fuse with the Esports and crypto industry. We can say that the coming together of the three major eco-systems heralds new opportunities and new advantages.

Especially with the increase and spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the online world has become more active than ever before. Esports and betting industry are among them. While Esports Tournaments reached millions of viewers, betting options started to develop due to high competition.Esports Betting

Let’s take a closer look at the Esports, Crypto and Gambling trio. And here are a few tips on how to use your cryptos in Esports betting. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Esports Betting Using Cryptocurrency?

Yes it is possible. Esports has a young and tech geek audience. Especially this audience is very interested in cryptos. In addition to all these, it is a fact that cryptocurrencies are preferred more because of their secure and anonymous nature. Considering all this, you can comfortably place Esports bets using crypto.

When it comes to Esports betting, games such as CSGO, Valorant, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Starcraft 2 come to mind first. When it comes to offering betting options on these popular games, crypto bookmakers like Thunderpick is leading the way within Esports.

Esports Betting

By the way, if you think that only popular games have betting options, you are definitely wrong. When it comes to esports crypto betting, FIFA Global Series, Rainbow Six, Rocket League, Fortnite and Call of Duty also come to the fore.

Can You Bet On Valorant With Cryptos?

The 2022 Esports season continues for Valorant in an enthusiastic way. Teams from different parts of the world are competing to participate in VCT 2022. Especially the Challengers and Masters series are the scene of exciting matches that will take your breath away.

Considering all this, many bettors want to bet on Valorant matches. Also, if you consider that you can do live betting on Valorant, lucrative days may be waiting for you.

It is possible to deposit money to betting sites through various cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Moreover, you can deposit your money within minutes and enjoy Valorant bets.

How To Get Started With Crypto Esports Betting?

Betting on Esports with cryptocurrency is considered a new experience. Still many people have not benefited from this experience. And frankly, they do not yet know whether it is safe to bet using cryptocurrency. Now we would like to explain how you can bet step by step, to guide everyone.

  • If you remember, we gave an example about the Thunderpick betting site at the beginning of our article. That’s exactly why the first step is to find a reliable Esports betting site. For this, make sure that the gambling site has a Curacao Gaming License. In addition, try to do a detailed research whether there is a fraud scandal in the history of the site.
  • Let’s say you have found the site you want and you are ready. What you need to do now is to buy the cryptocurrency. If you already have crypto, you can skip this step. Let’s say you don’t have crypto at hand. That’s why you need to find a quality stock market or crypto wallet site first. For example, you can choose sites such as Coinbase, Binance or Crypto.com.
  • Now that you have cryptocurrency in your wallet, you are ready to deposit it. Complete the deposit process by coming to the deposit section of the betting site you have chosen and choosing any of the dozens of crypto options. However, be careful to pay attention to the wallet addresses here. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing all your money. In the meantime, we think we can help you choose a wallet. Try taking a look at our article “Choosing a Crypto Wallet”.


Esports Games You Can Bet With Cryptos

Perhaps the best thing about esports betting is that there are countless games. Many betting sites in the sector also provide services on different games. However, we will try to list the games available in all of them based on many betting sites in the industry.

  • CSGO
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • Rocket League
  • FIFA
  • Rainbow Six
  • Starcraft II
  • NBA 2K
  • Call of Duty
  • Fortnite
  • World of Warcraft

Among these games, undoubtedly the strongest game in terms of Esports is CSGO. If you are considering starting CSGO betting, our previous blog post may be of interest to you. We have listed the best CSGO players, maybe it can guide you when placing a bet.

What Betting Options Are Available in Esports Games?

In the upper heading of our article, we talked about various games. Many of these games are games with different mechanics. This is exactly why we want to say that there are hundreds of different betting options. You can find out what types of betting options are available in the list below.

  • Correct Match Score
  • Handicap Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Total Maps Played
  • Total Kills
  • Map Winner
  • First to Reach Kills

What Are the Advantages of Esports Betting Using Cryptocurrency?

Have you ever wondered why tens of thousands of Esports fans prefer cryptos to bet? Cryptocurrency has certain characteristics that make it attractive to the betting world. If you are undecided about making a bet, we will talk about the advantages of cryptos for you. Let’s start.

Esports Betting

  1. Speed: Cryptos are incredibly fast to use. Compared to traditional deposit methods, cryptocurrency payments take place within minutes. There is almost no waiting time.
  2. Anonymity: All cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, provide anonymity. You can make transactions with peace of mind as you wish without revealing your identity. Most traditional betting sites have heavy ID requirements. However, crypto betting sites only have certain KYC requirements. In this way, your anonymity will be completely protected.
  3. Low Transaction Fee: Generally, transaction fees will vary from site to site when placing bets. But with some variants of cryptocurrency you pay almost no transaction fees. When we think of traditional banking, you must realize that this is a miracle.
  4. Reliability: All transactions you make with cryptocurrencies run on blockchain technology. However, you may still need to be careful. Because if you choose a poor quality betting site, you can lose all your coins. Because cryptos can never be tracked due to technology.

Final Words

In today’s article, we tried to give you information about crypto Esports betting. Esports betting continues to draw attention with its payment methods, advantages and variety of games.

We tried to answer all the questions in the minds of beginners as much as possible. If you want to learn the news about such cryptos instantly, do not forget to follow our site.

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