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Latest and New Back Neck Designs For Kurti

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Back Neck Designs For Kurti – Open back designs are equally important and there are so many variations and patterns one can have for their line of open back salwar and kurtis suits. The salwar suit is a feminine Indian dress that makes a woman look pretty. Just as you have different designs for your front neckline and sleeves, the back neckline is also done in different designs and patterns. Here in this article, we have got the latest back cut designs that women can try for their kurtis.

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Latest Back Neck Designs For Kurti

Latest Back Neck Designs For Kurti

These back neck designs for kurti would make your kurti expression designer and more appealing. So, let’s take a look at the newest back neckline patterns and designs for suits and kurtis.

Deep Sweetheart Back Neckline

Deep Sweetheart Back Neckline

The gorgeous back cutout has a geometric shape with attached ties at the shoulder. It is a neckline that requires a well-fitting jumpsuit. It looks really amazing and gives you a glamorous and alluring look.

Scoop Neckline and Scoop Back with Drawstring

Scoop neckline and scoop back with drawstring

This gorgeous neckline features a rounded design with tied laces. The thong also has the triangular piece of fabric that makes thongs look really pretty. This kind of neckline is suitable for your salwar suit designs for party wear.

Kurti with Lower Back

Kurti with Lower Back

It is a very pretty neckline with pompoms attached to the string. It is a scoop neck, or we can say teardrop back, which is easy to do and looks really amazing. Such cutouts in the back are ideal for your party costumes and even kurtis.

Square Back with Ties

Square Back with Ties

This pattern was very popular in the 90s and has made a comeback. It looks very nice and beautiful with the strings bearing the latkan as well. The cutout in the back is beautiful and can be replicated on your party outfits and festival costumes.

Round Back with Embellishment

Round Back with Embellishment

The gorgeous scoop neckline in the back is certainly stunning and suits women who like to have a glamorous costume design. Such necklines are ideal for slim women. The embellished neckline makes it very attractive and the best thing here is the embellishment of the neck.

Back Neckline with Cut-out Shapes

Back Neckline with Cut-out Shapes

It is also a nice cut in the back for your salwar suit designs for evening and evening wear. Shapes are cut in this back neckline and they embellished. It’s really amazing and it’s beautiful. It’s just gorgeous and somehow innovative that wearing a halter like this to a party with the right neck jewelry and a high bun will make you look stunning.

Plunging Scoop Neckline with Embellishment

Plunging Scoop Neckline with Embellishment

The plunging U-shaped neckline is really deep, suitable for your glamorous salwar suit designs and perfect for parties. Such colors and designs are also currently in vogue for the bride. He also wears the acorns, which have rounded balls studded with stones. It is a very heavily decorates neckline for the back which goes perfectly with heavy salwar suits.

Back Diamond Cutout for Salwar Suit

Back Diamond Cutout for Salwar Suit

This is another gorgeous back cut done on a velor green kurti with high embellishment and yarn work. There is a diamond shaped cut on the back which makes it really pretty. It is for the woman who wants to have different styles and patterns for her costume back designs. You can definitely get an idea for the next holiday dress from this kurti.

Embellished Crew Neck with Mesh

Embellished Crew Neck with Mesh

The mesh fabric with thread work and embroidery used for the sleeve part and the same fabric use in the back, so you see a collar in the back with the same mesh fabric and a deep round cut decorate with the embroidery in gold, copper and silver wire work. The design is very amazing and novel. You can definitely try this design on your anarkali suits and even straight cut long or short kurtis.

Back Button Kurti Neckline Design

Back Button Kurti Neckline Design

This kurti has the switches at the back and it is A-line kurti pattern. What makes it beautiful is the contrasting color button on the stand-up collar. The button goes to the wasist. They are so neatly and beautifully designed that even the back neckline becomes attractive. Such designs can even be replicated for your casual suits or even the suit for college and work.

Back Neck Designs For Kurti – Line Patterns and Designs

Bow and buttons Style Back neck for kurti

Triple strings for the back pattern

Casual Backless kurti design

Regular cut with Strings for suit back neck

Patch Design Kurti back Neck Idea

Double String style Kurti back neckline

Triangular cut style kurti back pattern

Kurti with Deep back neckline

Latkan and tassels inspired kurti back

Casual stylish kurti back idea

Double straps design for salwar suit back

Slit and buttons work back design for kurtis

Square deep back neck design

Deep V neck kurti Bow design

Stylish cut designer suit back pattern

Back buttons placket style kurti back neck design

Designer latkan partywear kurti

Square pattern with strings design

Deep neck design for strings

Latkan and string style back pattern

Heavy and designer latkan for kurti back

Stylish kurti back pattern

Kurti back neck with Square cut

V neckline back Kurti Designs

Diamond design kurti design

Round cut back design style

Deep backless kurti suit designs

Keyhole pattern kurti neck design

Modern stylish kurti back pattern

Many strappy design for kurti

Designer circle and string back neck for kurti

Kurti modest suit back neck idea

Long peephole salwar suit neckline

Daily wear kurti neckline pattern

Party wear Bootlace fabric and button beck design

Lace and patch work style neck

Simple regular back neckline suit design

Stright Strap kurti back design

Bows and string pattern or beck neck

Stylish brooch style kurti design

These are the latest salwar suit back neck line patterns and designs. When it comes to the neckline designs there can be so much thing that one can do. In these back neck patterns, one can go for really bottomless designs or can have the consistent medium length depth with beautiful tassels or even the button work.

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Comment on Back Neck Designs For Kurti

When are going for a deep back neck line, then make sure that you have strings because at aeras when the back neckline is really deep than the shoulders of the kurti tend to fall off. This is why strings of the shoulders would help to keep the kurti shoulders in place. In fact, the string would also serve the persistence of beautifying your dress. And this goes for equally the party wear as well as for the casual kurti designs.

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