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Field Service Management Practices You Should Avoid

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Field Service Management

Field service management comes with many benefits to the business, making it boom and expand. However, like many other strategies and software, field service management also has some challenges. If tackled well, some of these challenges can be very beneficial;l to your business. The field service management software has helped minimize some of the business challenges that traders face. This article will outline some of the field service management challenges and how to avoid them.

Real-time Communication

Real-time communication gets challenging, mainly if the workers and the managers depend on their phones to communicate and pass essential information. Some may even be affected by the network, while other challenges such as lack of talk time and phone usage are often the case. To solve this, the company should consider using a specified field service software that is only designed to overcome such challenges. The software usually contains a mobile interface for the technicians in the field and a web interface for those at the office. Using this, the communication between the managers, supervisors, and the workers becomes effective as the information sharing goes without disruption.

Travel Cost

The cost of traveling can be very challenging, especially if the field is far away or in a different location from the offices. You can opt to use the software to direct your technician on the cheapest route to pass. Some of the tools don’t require you to have much prior knowledge as that depends on the technology available. This way, you can safeguard the money and the resources that could have been otherwise lost.

Work Order Management

Managing the overall task to be completed is always challenging in field service management. This results in incomplete projects while others are poorly done due to the lousy information passed. Ideally, in most jobs, the work order has five phases: identification, allocation, completion, inspection, and task recording. When either of these steps is ignored, the result can be fatal, and you might incur a lot of money. However, consider using the field management software, which you can have a well-defined task and trace whoever is responsible for the mess or damage.

Reduced Team Efficiency

As a company working as a team has always proven to be productive and has also acted as a way to increase the team’s morale. This can be challenging when the team’s efficiency is low, reducing productivity and reducing the total revenue collected. However, concluding that the team’s efficiency by looking at things can be deceiving at times since you may see people looking busy but doing nothing. To solve this challenge and have a better conclusion, you need to use the field service tools to assess the team’s performance and tell if they have reduced their efficiency. One of the indicators that the team efficiency is low is if it doesn’t meet the target. This might result from other issues such as poor time management or ineffective scheduling, which you can only identify using the field service software.


The challenges above can hinder your company from effective production and being efficient. Always consider using the field service management software to help you in the everyday running of your business.

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