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The Best Internet Packages And TV Deals

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Internet Packages

Do you feel like you’re overpaying for your Cable and Internet services? Well to be honest, you probably are. We have carefully studied, quantified and compiled the very best options out there in the market for our readers to see and get so that they can enjoy their services to the fullest with the belief that they got the best possible deal out there for what they wanted to see. Click here to know more about spectrum internet offers, deals and promotions.

Our Hot Favorite Deals

  • The Best When It Comes To Sports – DIRECTV XTRA + SPORTS PACK
  • The Best When It Comes To Living On A Budget – DIRECTV SELECT
  • The Best When It Comes To Internet Deals – CenturyLink Price For Life 1 Gig

The Best Internet Packages And TV Deals

The Best Deal For Package Price* Channels/Speed* Cost Per Channel/Megabit
Channel Surfers Verizon The Most FiOS TV $90.00/month 425 + Channels $0.21 Per Channel
Streamers Hulu + Live TV $54.99 – $60.99/month 65 + Channels $0.85 – $0.94 Per Channel
Sports Fan DIRECTV XTRA + SPORTS PACK $83.98/month 275 + Channels $0.31 Per Channel
Internet Only Shoppers CenturyLink Fiber Internet $65.00/month Up To 940 Mbps $0.07 Per Channel
Budget Shoppers DIRECTV SELECT $59.99/month 155 + Channels $0.39 Per Channel

*Data Collected on 03/18/2020 and are subject to change on the discretion of the provider. Be aware of any additional fees that might apply. Check availability of service in your area of desired connection. Check all information from the official website of your desired company before making commitment.

5 Internet And TV Bundles That Are Worth A Look At

DIRECTV: XTRA + SPORTS PACK – The Best When It Comes To Sports

Talk about being spot on with its sports pack, DIRECTV is one the very first service providers that come to mind when you hear the word sports programming. The plethora of channel numbers that it brings is definitely something unique and allows consumer to view all the different types of programs that they want. 

If we take statistics in to account, then DIRECTV XTRA does indeed come out better in terms of cost per channel in comparison to other more expensive packages like the DIRECTV ULTIMATE. Consider adding the Sports Pack and you’ll be availing those service for just 31 cents per channel and that sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask us.

The Sports Pack brings a sport lover all his or her favorite channels and it also has a surprise for its new customers. If you’re a new customer you simply just won’t be enjoying the regional or local sports channels, the ESPN Classic and more but you’ll also get absolutely free access to the latest season of the NFL Sunday Ticket. 

The service provider also has a lot of variation in its channel line ups, so there is indeed something for everyone with the DIRECTV XTRA package.

DIRECTV: SELECT – The Best When It Comes To Living On A Budget

You might be wondering why we didn’t include the DIRECTV SELECT plan for the sports section in place of the DIRECTV – XTRA + SPORTS PACK when the DIRECT SELECT plan has 155+ channels to its name and the cost for it is only $59.99 per month. Excellent query, the main reason for that is simply the immense difference in the number of channels available to in the later plan. Apart from just the number of channels, the DIRECT SELECT plan doesn’t include the NFL Sunday Ticket which is a big turning point for us when it came to the selection.

However, we do like the plan as it caters to those who don’t have or don’t want to spend all that much. For a very economical plan you get to experience excellent customer service and a great price per channel. If you do get the service you will also be getting the all amazing Genie DVR, so that is really attractive.

Verizon: The Most FiOS TV – The Best When It Comes To Channel Surfers

The plan is an excellent choice for all those consumers that do not know what to watch. Yes, you read that right. It happens to the best of us, you are allowed to get tired of watching the same channels and shows, it’s okay to expand your viewing options and try new things. Apart from that, many individuals actually just opt for a plan like this simply because they like having the option to view whatever they want.

Don’t get your heart set on this package right away, the major issue with this is that it isn’t readily available. That is because the service connection is based on fiber-optic tech, which is both expensive and really difficult to set up in low population areas or less developed areas. 

Hulu + Live TV – The Best When It Comes To TV Streaming

You wanted to jump on the bandwagon, you wanted to become a cord cutter but you weren’t ready to rule out Live TV from your world and that’s perfectly fine to say the least. Among all the big streaming services (Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Sling etc.) Hulu + Live TV is the most economical streaming service out there and brings to you one of the lowest price per channel. That’s not all, having option of many sought out cable networks and access to Hulu TV’s great On-Demand content is quite an attractive prospect on its own.

With this service provider you can have access to Live TV anywhere at any time but you must always have a working internet connection. Another thing we don’t like is that many local channels are not available.

CenturyLink Fiber Internet – The Best When It Comes To The Internet

What do you expect from a service provider like CentuyLink considering the optical fiber connections that it brings to your doorstep? Incredibly fast download and upload speeds? You got it. No room for contracts, come and go as you like? You got it. A guarantee that prices won’t jump up? You have a Price For Life guarantee in place. We like CenturyLink and there is nothing you can say to change our minds.

Except maybe that it might not be available in every area or that since it’s a growing company, the customer satisfaction levels aren’t up there when it comes to its competitors.

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