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Must-Have Cannabis Farm Simulator Games

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Farm Simulator Games

Farm Simulator  Games

Oftentimes, you are a cannabis or weed consumer, or perhaps seller, but not at all times you can become a cannabis grower. Before anything else, you need the right resources and proper training to be able to succeed in this venture.

Your cannabis cultivation is bound to get even better. Here are the best cannabis farm simulator games to try.

1. Weed Farmer Simulator

With this game, you become the star of your own weed farm, but virtually. The gameplay begins with the player moving out of the city, purchasing land for growing weed. Playing the game maximizes your creativity, and places your imagination to limitless opportunities.

You can be able to build your own farm, start cultivating your specialized weeds, purchase vehicles and tools for farming, as well as pursue your products to the worldwide market. You may also upgrade the farm with storage establishments, garages, and pools.

With this impressive, cannabis farm simulator, you can learn skills and use this as your training ground to make it good in real-world farming. It is now on your fingertips.

2. Villagers

Set in the Medieval period, Villagers is the second cannabis farm simulator on the list. It provides you with two modes, the story mode and the free play. The story mode immerses the player to the wonderful narration of the characters, and not just solely about cannabis farming.

It has been said that the story transitions from a real-time conversation between a scribe and a random girl at a bar, to the book the scribe is writing, as they discuss with one another.

The difficult level escalates as you move further into the game, with themes of war, diseases, and action. You manage the house and the village as you progress into the simulator.

3. SimLeaf

Simulation games allow you to discover gameplays that mimic happenings in real-life, for instance, cannabis growing. Games like The Sims are great examples that allow the person to be able to build houses, work on the characters’ careers, or even throw parties at home.

Compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad, SimLeaf has often been referred to as the “Tamagotchi of Cannabis Apps” and right after the player runs through with it, this would feel like tending your own garden.

The variables that go with the singular plant is also very detailed, and it is compared to setting your very own farm indoors. The skills to learn in the games are also plenty. This game is a great beginning for those interested with cannabis farm simulators. Believe it or not, the game even has advanced features not found in the real-world, which challenges industrial facilities to scale up.

4. Weed Farm Tycoon: Ganja Paradise

This Cannabis farm simulation game is leaning toward the more fancy area. Highly animated, it is a cannabis simulator to have on your devices. You can cultivate your very own Ganja farms, start planning various strains of cacti, magic mushrooms, and marijuana.

Then, you can process the crops to be sold, or processed into oil cookies, hash, astral cakes, hash cocktails, and tasty mushroom pizzas. Right at the store, you can hire people, manage their working time, and monitor their physical and mental well-being. Establish your credibility as a weed grower and enjoy.

5. Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon

Last on the list is Weed Firm 2: Bud Farm Tycoon, likewise a great game that lets you around different capabilities. For one, you can also plant and farm various marijuana strains, including purple haze and white widow. The alien weed? It is also here.

Like the previous game listed, it also allows you to sell your crops to a varied clientele, fun in the game, since their characters include rap duos, cheerleaders, dancers, DJ, and more. Customizing the shop is very possible, including strategizing on how you can keep the store safe from intruders and security threats.

The varieties available in the game are Mexican, Alien, Ecuadorian, and Intergalactic weeds, breaking monotony and boredom. You can also expand your weed gardens outdoors, such as having them inside RVs, that’s right.

It also goes beyond imagination as it takes the cultivation into space, where you can plan alien crops as much as you would like.

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that has been utilized for medicinal and recreational purposes. With these simulator games, you get a first-hand experience on what it is like to grow the raw materials that produce cannabis.

And to make the whole proceeding as well as your growing experience, in reality, a lot smoother, finding the right online seed bank should be the first thing you consider. In order to save you time and money from searching and trying thousands of online seed banks on the Internet, check out Weekend Gardener for a list of the most trustworthy online cannabis dispensaries to choose from.



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