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Effective PPC Strategies to Boost Google Ads Performance

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Effective PPC Strategies to Boost Google Ads Performance

The eCommerce market has been successfully growing for years now and has grown even more after the Covid-19 pandemic when we all tried to keep our distance from each other and preferred shopping online more and more. And as eCommerce is in such a peak now, so are digital advertising platforms like Google Ads.

Therefore when more and more online businesses are mastering all of the platforms of digital marketing, the competition is growing rapidly as well. So it is no longer enough to have an account on the most popular advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram – you also need a proper strategy to grow your business.

Usually, Google Ads help you increase the traffic to your website. But if not done correctly, Google Ads may also lead you to lose money. For this reason, we want to share some great Google ads performance tips that you can take advantage of by using tools like Clever Ads. Aim to create a campaign that will leave your competition behind and bring you new more leads.

Strategy #1: Use Location Targeting

Use Location Targeting

Some business niches may reach a very high cost per click. And very often, it is a mistake of not using the location targeting option. First of all, you are able to see the metrics that show you which locations are doing the best for your products or services. Therefore, you can embrace these locations, use more variable keywords, ads, and even bid higher for popular keywords.

Secondly, you can also see specific areas that do not work for your online business at all. For example, if you are selling a book that is written in English, and you have some regions in your country that hardly speak English, it is best to remove these areas from your targeting options. This will even help you save some extra money that you can later invest in the areas that are the most successful.

Strategy #2: Use Both SEM & SEO

Use Both SEM & SEO for google ads

Take both methods of marketing – SEM and SEO. Each can bring a lot of advantages against your competition. But they will work even better if you use them both at the same time and build a strong strategy on it.

Especially when working with a pay-per-click strategy and having bigger profits as the main goal, you need to analyze your organic search metrics. It is highly possible that you will have some really interesting and useful insights about organic click through rates. Also, when analyzing this data, always take the Quality Score and pay-per-click ad copy into account.

Strategy #3: Review Recommendations

There are always some skeptics, but there are also quite some businesses that are successfully using the Recommendations tab in Google Ads and get some valuable advice and insights from it. There are some really good ones that will eventually help you gain a better position on Google Search – but first of all, you need to give it a chance.

Also, by clicking on this Recommendations tab, you will be able to access the information for the Optimization Score. It is another metric that can be quite interesting and help understand how well your advertising campaign is optimized at the moment by showing a specific optimization score.

All in all, the best way to go with these Recommendations is to review them when you get a chance and decide on your – which of them are with trying out and which ones have already been tested and not effective.

Strategy #4: Add Negative Keywords

Add Negative Keywords

When building a successful strategy for Google Ads, you need to constantly think about and experiment with new keywords to see what is trending and what works for your business. But you also need to consider adding negative keywords that will allow you to exclude specific keywords from a Google Search.

To give an example about how you could use negative keywords for your advantage, imagine you are providing your service in the entire country except for a couple of smaller cities, so you could add the names of those cities as negative keywords to exclude them from the search.

Thus, if someone will enter one of your most popular keywords into Google Search but also add a keyword that is on your negative keywords list, your ad will not be shown to this person. Thus it will help you save money – thanks to the pay-per-click method and will not harm your Quality Score that would suffer from irrelevant ads every time someone would click on your ad and realize you don’t provide your services in that specific area.



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