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How Much Should I Pay For Web Hosting in 2021

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Web Hosting

Hosting is the method by which your website is stored and made available for viewing on the internet. For this to happen, a hosting provider needs to allocate space on a web server for your site’s files.

Your website’s bandwidth, speed, and reliability depend on the type of hosting you choose. Therefore, the price you pay for web hosting will depend on which hosting type you select.

Web Hosting Options

Shared Hosting

Out of all the hosting types, shared hosting is the most affordable option. With shared hosting, several websites use one web server. Consequently, shared hosting costs are relatively low, with many plans starting at around $2.49 per month and capping off at around $15 per month.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

If you like the idea of sharing a server but want to keep your website separate from other sites, VPS hosting is a practical choice. Developers, system administrators, and designers all enjoy using VPS hosting because it provides full root access, dedicated server resources, processing power, and memory storage. Therefore, VPS users can expect to spend between $20 to $100 per month.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting service allows a client to lease a server independently. As a result, your business or organization will have complete control over its server(s) and will be able to choose its operating system and hardware. For these reasons, dedicated hosting is best for running a high-traffic website. If you are interested in purchasing dedicated hosting, expect to spend between $80 and $300 per month.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting uses a network of virtual and physical cloud servers. As a result of this network, hardware failures won’t result in site downtime. Additionally, cloud hosting provides its users with flexibility and the ability to scale resources based on your business’ needs quickly. In general, it can cost between $4.50 and $240 per month.

WordPress Hosting

If you are running your website using WordPress, you will benefit from the WordPress-specific services and resources that this hosting option offers. Furthermore, WordPress hosting provides users with speed and optimization, enabling sites to run smoother than when operating on a shared hosting server. If you select this option, you can expect to pay between $4.99 and $830 per month.

Additional Costs to Consider

In addition to the expense of web hosting, there are other costs to consider when you launch a website. For instance, you will need to purchase a domain, automated site backup and restoration services, SiteLock, and SSL.

Domain Name

If you are running a website, you will need a domain name. A domain allows people to find you online.

While it is common for many web hosting packages to include a free domain, some do not, so you’ll have to purchase one separately. Typically, domains cost between $10 and $15 per year. In addition, you will also have the option of buying privacy protection, which will keep your personal information from being shared on WHOIS listings.

Automated Site Backup and Restoration Services

There’s no greater catastrophe than your website crashing or a security invasion causing you to lose your data. Therefore, it only makes sense to have your website data saved in a location other than your server so you can restore your website quickly if tragedy strikes. It’s like if you were to make two copies of your house key in case you lost one. The cost for these services begins at around $2 per month.


SiteLock offers daily malware scans, DDoS attack protection, and web application firewalls to protect your site against hackers. While some web hosts provide this program as part of their package, not all do. Therefore, if you need to purchase SiteLock separately, the cost is around $2 per month.

Last Thoughts

The cost associated with purchasing your web hosting will vary based on the needs of your business. For example, if you do not have a high-traffic website, shared hosting will be sufficient. However, if you want the protection and resources associated with a dedicated server, your expenses will be greater. Therefore, when choosing your hosting option, always consider the needs of your business.

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