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Video as A Promotion Tool – Is Your Business Missing Out?

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Taking the plunge and deciding to make your company’s first video of any kind is a big step. If you have already made that choice then congratulations, you have made a wise move! Video is one of the most effective ways of generating leads via social media and YouTube. Investing in some good, animated video is an excellent way of doing this.

To produce the right quality of video to reflect your brand, spend some time finding the right corporate video production agency. This will reflect your brand in the best possible light and increase your chances of successful conversions to drive your business growth. One of the major advantages for using videos produced by Benefits of using video production management tool is that they are an entertaining way to visually display your business products and ideas.

Make your animation video company earn your business!

Start your search knowing that you are in the driving seat. There are hundreds if not thousands of animation video companies in the modern era. As a serious potential buyer of their services, they should want to put on the mitts and fight for your business!

To help them help you, put together a brief and some key questions. This will help you make an objective choice and pick the right partner to work with.

In your overview, tell prospective agencies about your business and the industry you operate in. Give an outline of your key target personas that make the decision on whether to buy your products. Explain their pain points and business objectives. This will be important for the animation video company to get under the skin of your proposition. From there, ask them for ideas on how they would translate this into video form to entice potential buyers.

Tell shortlisted agencies about the budget you are looking to spend. This will indicate to them that you are serious about the project and not a tire-kicker. In return, ask them to indicate their pricing model. Is it fixed price with unlimited revisions? Or are there limits or even charges for revisions? Get to the point where both parties know exactly what to expect from one another. This will help build the basis for a long-lasting and successful partnership.

Show off your style!

Focus on briefing your shortlisted agencies with details about your company. Tell them about the executives that are the face of the firm, your main solutions, and your typical customers. With this brief in mind, let them make some suggestions on how they would bring these strengths to life on the small screen!

Also look for their guidance on what style of video would best fit your brand’s values and objectives. If you are selling to a serious, senior audience, a cartoon animation video is unlikely to hit the spot for example. There are all kinds of formats and styles available with animated video, so look for your agency to do what they are good at and adapt a style to fit your firm.

Do your homework.

When you have received some answers and proposals back from shortlisted agencies, your next step is to do you homework. Firstly, shortlist the shortlist. Focus on 2-3 options max for this stage of the process.

When you have decided on the small number of agencies to take to the next stage, arrange video calls or meetings to talk to them in more detail about what you are looking for. Tell them they have been shortlisted in order to keep them interested and excited about a new customer.

Ask your shortlisted agencies to provide some customer references. Ideally ask for a couple of customers that would be happy talking to you on the phone. Ask them how easy the agency were to deal with, how happy they were with the results, and what results were achieved. Be aware that the agency will naturally provide their best customers for this, so also have a dig around online to see if you can uncover any of their other work and customer experiences.

Decision time

Evaluate the answers and the feedback you have received from each agency’s customers. Consider their cost models and how well you think they have listened to and understood your company’s proposition. Ask yourself the fundamental question of whether you think this agency is your choice to bring your brand to peoples’ screens.

Having reviewed your options, if you really like two agencies or are not sure which one will best suit your brand, you could even consider taking two for the time being. Commission both with producing a paid video for you, with the additional carrot of knowing that the winner will be the sole agency hired.

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