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How to Improve Time Management and Team Productivity?

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Time Management and Team Productivity

Time management and Team productivity are the most important concern of today’s business owners. Whether it is an IT company, product-based company, or travel-company, they all focus on boosting the productivity of their employees.

The overall process of the organization depends upon the thing that how you manage all the tasks. And through the use of software applications like ZoomShift, the set up, implementation and management process of employee scheduling and time/productivity management has become a whole lot easier.

No matter the size of your organization or brand, managing time and team productivity is a big deal for business owners. Fortunately, here in this post, we will share all those things, which can help you in managing time and improving productivity.

What is Time Management?

Time management is the process of managing and organizing your time and arranging it according to the priority of the work. It makes an individual to perform all their work on time and cause them to consume less time on the activities.

Benefits of Time Management

  • Helpful in improving productivity
  • Make a better more professional
  • Reduces stress
  • Beneficial in getting more opportunities and useful in accomplishing goals on time
  • Ways for managing time
  • Set Time Limits for each task

If you set time limos for each of your tasks, then you can easily stay free from the distractions. For example, if you want to write a blog, then you must try to complete it on time so that you can organize your work.

Use to Do list

While you are working on a system, then you quickly create a to-do list with the help of the sticky notes. You can add your goals, priority of the tasks and the deadlines of your functions, so that you can quickly finish those easily. Moreover, it will also motivate you to work more and more, as you can easily check out what are the tasks that you have completed and those which are still pending.

Do proper planning

Before starting the work, you must plan your career. You can do so during the night time or while you wake up in the morning. For example, you can add all the tasks that you have to do in your daily routine so that you can easily properly do all the things.

Outsource your work

In this case, if you do not get as much time on completing your work, then you can outsource your work to let it complete on time. But it is quite hard to find someone who can do your work. It will decrease your work-load; it means that you can easily spend time performing other activities which are more essential for you.

Never wait for the right time

It is the biggest mistake that every business owner faces. They always wait for the time to deliver the work, but sometimes, they cannot be able to do that work on time. So, if you want to manage your time, then you should avoid extending your work and complete your work before the deadlines.

Make Time on yourself

While you are working for a long time, then you always ignore making time for yourself. So, while you are managing time, then you should find some time, during which you can have some rest. You can set some hours for yourself during, which you can make your body feel relaxed and recharge yourself. It will make you feel motivated and recharge your body.

Have Desired Sleep

Sleep is very much important in our lives, so it is very much important for you to spend time on sleep. It will make your body stay calm, focussed, and add positivity. It will also motivate you to work more.

Set a Calendar

Setting up of the calendar is very much easy. You can add a calendar into your email, where you can add all those work that you need to do. You can also set it as a reminder so that it will remind you about the tasks.

What is Productivity?

Productivity is also known as efficiency. In other words, productivity is the amount of the output of a person as compared to his input.

For example, suppose you are running any organization. In that case, you can check the productivity of your employee while calculating his salary and how much you are getting benefit from that particular employee.

How to improve your team productivity?

Are you looking for the best methods for improving your team productivity? Let’s catch all the way and start taking benefits from them today!

Set goals

Setting goals within the company are very much important. It makes the employees stay focussed on their goals, which automatically improves their productivity.

Plan some outing

While you will plan some outings along with your employees, then it will help you in making them feel refreshed, and it also improves their relationship. Such planning can also help with team events and any reorganizational events that might be coming up. However, finding an event planning tool that meets all the needs of an event planner requires an evaluation of its features.

Set transparency within your team

To make your teamwork run smoothly, you should make sure that there must be transparency among the departments. It will be beneficial for improving communication among the employees and let them coordinate along with each other. It will be automatically beneficial for you in boosting the productivity of your company.

Use Productivity tools

If you are having a big team, where it is difficult to measure the productivity of the employees, then, in this case, productivity tools are very much beneficial. One of the best tools which is very much helpful for handling business and makes it to calculate its performance.

Stay Organized

To improve productivity, you can keep your data organized. You should keep the record of every single expense of your company and check how much profit you are getting from a particular item.

Make a Strong Team

A strong team is a major part of the company. So, while you are hiring employees for your company, you should ensure that they all must be smart, intelligent, and experienced. At the same time, it’s also important to make sure you are displaying leadership with your business and organization, so your employees feel safe in their position and know the company is headed towards continued growth. You should check how a candidate can benefit your company and make sure the employee must be within your budget.


We hope you have cleared with all those methods, which can help you in improving your productivity and your time management. Add these into your life today and make your company run effectively.


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