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Shanghai’s Best Web Development Companies in 2022

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Shanghai’s Best Web Development Companies in 2022

The professional world differs between China and the rest of the world not only because of various geographical features but also societal and cultural differences. For example, in terms of web development, China, specifically Shanghai, surpassed its international peers ages ago. Shanghai is recognized for being highly supportive of techpreneurs which is why Shanghai web development is extremely popular in the world. Chinese tech trends and practices are cultivated by Shanghai’s tech community. So if you are looking for the best web development company, then you should give Shanghai’s web development community a chance.

But unless you have a good understanding of the best Shanghai web development companies, you will have a hard time picking an ideal one. In the following, we have described a few considerations to identify the best web development company:

  • The preferred operating system is one of the factors that you cannot overlook when searching for a reliable web development company in Shanghai. As per various surveys, techies in Shanghai are inclined toward windows majorly. This makes Windows OS familiarity and availability quite common.
  • For web developers, the development language plays a vital role in making their clients’ digital requests a reality. Chinese web developers are known to use Java and JavaScript much more than SQL, which is an international favorite. As a result, most of the top-tier web development companies hire developers that are proficient in Java and JavaScript.
  • According to a case study performed by the Chinese tech giant, Alibaba Cloud, front-end engineering is considered a vital skill for all front-end developers in Shanghai, China. Front-end engineering skills are so in high demand that most of the big-shot web development companies based in Shanghai employ those who can handle project feasibility, analysis, and optimization.
  • The digital ecosystem in China is vast and there is always a demand for skilled web developers. Web development as a profession pays well, so in every web development company based in Shanghai, you can get help from a highly competent and experienced web development team.

From the aforementioned, you have understood the popular as well as important considerations regarding Shanghai’s web development community. Now, let us get acquainted with some of the best web development companies in the following.

SEIRIM – A reliable cybersecurity-focused website and web application development agency

SEIRIM is a well-known name among Shanghai-based developers and entrepreneurs. This top-notch web design and development agency serves as an expert consultancy to meet client expectations using a scientific and artistic approach. SEIRIM not only has a track record of efficient project management, but it is also proactive in SEO best practices. Its capable team includes industry veterans who have worked on the websites for Giti, Atam, CS Global, etc.

Lantern – A renowned web agency trusted by high-profile companies in Shanghai, Lantern is a renowned web agency.

Lantern is a well-known web development agency based in Shanghai that deals with top-tier clients from China as well as other parts of the world. Lantern was founded in 2008, and now it has grown into a reliable as well as experienced company that’s helping clients from all over China, Europe, and the U.S. As of now, the company is maintaining up to 50 high-quality websites across the globe. Its list of significant clients includes Pandora, Stellar Works, NYU Shanghai, Roche Pharmaceuticals, etc.

Lordeys – An international and award-winning web development company.

Lordeys is best known for the international awards it has won for its expertise in handling international web development projects. This Shanghai-based company focuses mostly on industries in B2B and B2C that have a presence in China as well as overseas. Their service focus areas are web design (both UI and UX), web hosting, web development, app design, mobile app development, etc. Lordeys’ key clients are Mercedes-Benz, AMG Auto, Baidu, and Porsche. Since 2014, the Lordeys team has expanded to a total of 250 dedicated personnel.

Pulse Branding – An emerging company with a specialization in neuromarketing

In Shanghai, you will find renowned agencies that excel at web development for various kinds of projects. But there are also some relatively new yet highly promising agencies like Pulse Branding that are quickly progressing and making a name for themselves. Pulse Branding specializes in neuromarketing, which is a unique approach even if we consider the high-end tech industry within China. Their service offering mainly includes web design and development, brand strategy consulting, etc.

Most of the aforementioned web development agencies provide a dedicated account manager that handles all the requests on a priority basis and ensures that the end result of any project is nothing less than remarkable.


The web development industry is at its prime in Shanghai at this point. Several leading companies, like the ones we mentioned above, are empowering the tech industry through their innovative approach and skills.

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