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7 Things to Consider When Choosing a SERP Checker

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SERP Checker

Generally, Google and other search engines are concerned about their user experience and will only show organic and paid content relevant to the keywords users enter into the search box. As a webmaster, SEO, or business owner, it is your job to ensure that your content suits Google’s requirements, which can be achieved using a SERP checker as an investigative tool.

Every marketer and business owner who knows the value of being on page one strives to get there, but it is easier said than done. Even skilled SEO experts learn that getting to the top of search results takes time and effort. After the work has been done to enhance SERP results, you must also use a good SERP checker to see if your efforts have produced results for your target keywords.

Here are the main reasons why SERP results are essential:

  • By looking at the SERP Checker results, you will solve your SEO problems and see what is helping and what is not.
  • You can review your content and model that of the top sites on the SERPs using your SERP Checker’s data.
  • Your SERP checker’s results will give you keen insights as to why other pages outrank you.
  • It allows you to select the best keywords that fit your niche and audience.

Currently, there are so many SERP Checkers available for SEO purposes. These services have various rates, plans, and features, so it is difficult for SEOs, businesses, and agencies to figure out what kind of SERP checkers will suit their specific needs.

Here are seven things to consider when choosing a SERP Checker for SEO.

SERP Checker


When considering a SERP checker tool for SEO, rating accuracy should come first. Often, marketers and business owners complain that the rating data is mostly inaccurate in the reports the trackers send them. This is a major concern you shouldn’t ignore.

A SERP checker should be able to deliver only true and accurate results to users. It can be easy to track the keywords’ location, but it isn’t easy to track them precisely. In fact, not only should a good SERP checker provide precise ranking data, but it should also be able to detect ranking movements and alert users.

Desktop or Cloud Tracking

There are two types of tracking: a cloud tracker (or web-based tracker) and a desktop tracker. The desktop trackers vary in the way they function from the cloud rank trackers. When you use a desktop tracker, you use your computer to monitor the results.

This means you would possibly get blocked by search engines if you are monitoring loads of keywords simultaneously. For cloud trackers, this will not occur, they will manage the job themselves, and you don’t need to think about it at all.

Another advantage of using a cloud tracker is that you don’t need to take your computer to access the rating results wherever you go. On the other hand, as long as there is an Internet connection, you can search the ranking data on any device. This allows you to view ranking information from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Rank Tracker

The greater portion of Internet traffic now is mobile traffic. Mobile users access the Internet more than desktop users. Search engines like Google can determine the mobile-friendliness of your site for the overall ranking of your website.

In the desktop ranks, you might be doing well now, but your mobile ranking might be different. You’re not doing SEO correctly if you ignore mobile rank tracking. But the fact is that mobile ranks can only be monitored by a few SERP checkers, while others simply can’t. Therefore, before choosing to work with a SERP Checker, ensure that it can track both mobile ranking and desktop ranking.

Ability to Track More Search Engines

There’s more to search engines than Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex. When we talk about search engines, we also mean Google Maps search, Local search, Smartphone search, and Google in other countries such as Google.co.uk, Google.ca, Google.com.au, and about 200 different nations.

It’s the same for Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex. If you are a local business or an agency, your clients may want to know their local ranking in the city or state. So, find out if your potential choice for a SERP Checker can track more search engines, including local search.

You can click here to read about this in another Zutrix review article.

Daily Ranking Updates

When it comes to the frequency of rank updates when choosing a good rank tracker, the minimum requirement should be daily updates. The good news is that most SERP checkers will provide you with a daily update frequency. When it has to do with SEO, daily updates are crucial, the ranking is updated in SERPs every day, and you should note the change every time it happens.

Easy User Interface (UI) and Simple Reporting

We turn to SERP Checkers for assistance because we know how manual rank tracking and keyword tracking can be tasking and time-consuming. So, if the SERP Checker is difficult to use and navigate, the purpose of ease or time-saving has been defeated. Therefore, choose only SERP checkers with an easy-to-understand User Interface and simple data reporting.

SERP Checker

Price Per Tracked Keyword Per Month

With all the above characteristics that an SEO rank tracker provides, the decision to choose comes down to the price factor. To get the price per tracked keyword per month, you can do a simple calculation for all your potential SERP Checkers.

You can then compare which tracker provides each keyword with the most affordable packages per month. While this is a simple procedure, along with the price factor, you should also consider the other features and do not depend on the price parameter to choose a SERP checker.

Finally, look out for additional features. It’s great when SERP Checkers can go the extra mile to provide additional features to assist users. For example, Zutrix provides Live sharing, Real-time Telegram, Slack & E-Mail Notifications, Smart suggestions, 24/7 customer support, etc.

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