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6 Must-Have Features in an Affordable Smartphone

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In today’s fast-paced environment, smartphone have become our quintessential communication tools both for personal and business. So, it’s appealing to look at the latest flagship phones with the quickest processors and miniature of bezels when it comes to choosing mobile devices. However, the cost comes into play, and you are compelled to consider better affordable options.

Fortunately, today’s affordable range of smartphones provide amazing performance, aesthetics and versatility. From being on top of your communications to capturing crisp photos and timely collaboration on the go, today’s mid-range smartphones have it all.

When you buy a smartphone today, you have thousands of features to choose from. Smartphones have gradually evolved over the years, and every day a new invention takes the world by storm.

With the introduction of a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, as you can see in phones like HUAWEI nova 5T, to mandatory wireless charging ports, the focus on essential features are taking a turn.

If you are planning to buy an affordable smartphone, look for these 6 features:

Fast Charging Feature

Wireless charging has now become a trend and something everyone wants to get their hands on. But even for those who don’t have the luck or the means or the money to get wireless charging pads, the fast charging feature will do much good.

When you run out of charge right when you are about to go out, you cannot afford to sit back and wait for a few hours for the phone to charge. You will need it ready to go in a few minutes as soon as possible, and for this, a fast-charging feature is essential.

In recent times, phones like HUAWEI nova 5T with Kirin 980 Octa-core processor comes with supercharging 5V/4.5 A and is also compatible with 9V/2A. With such different variations in a single model possible today, the fast charging feature is a must-have that you should not miss out on.

Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint sensors are the biometric security system, and it is a crucial security feature that you should consider. Be it in-display fingerprint sensors or rear sensors; it makes unlocking your device easier and more convenient.

Today there is also a new design where the smartphones come with side-mounted fingerprint sensors like the ones available in phones like HUAWEI nova 5T. The side-mounted sensors enhance the design and improve your one-handed operation. It is even more convenient than the rear or front sensors.

USB-C Type Port

The Micro-USB days are long gone. Now the market is filled with smartphones decked with USB-C ports. In the past two years, nearly every flagship has shifted to a USB-C port. Yet, there are still companies that are either hanging on to Micro-USB ports or non-standard proprietary ports.

So until Micro-USBs are entirely out of the picture, you must double-check and ensure that the new smartphone that you get comes with a USB-C port. Only with a USB-C port you can effortlessly fast charge and experience fast data transfer.

Extensive Software Updates

This is one of the most critical features that you should not dust off easily. When you buy a smartphone, it is considered an investment. You would use it for years together without swapping it for a new one any time soon. But you will be upgrading it regularly to experience the new features that are introduced.

So if the manufacturer stops pushing software updates or security patches after a year, buying that smartphone may seem pointless. Go for smartphones manufactured by companies that have good reputations by far.

Good Design

Phones nowadays are so good-looking and decently built that they steal hearts easily. Though it is very subjective, it has to be well-built and durable to sustain a long run. The design should not compromise the functionality of the smartphone. For example, super-thin devices should not compromise on battery.

If you take a product like HUAWEI nova 5T, though super slim, it comes packed with a 3750 mAh battery with supercharging capability.

A Fair Cost

The cost is the most variable factor compared to all others. Fair cost doesn’t mean cheap price. Though it is a normal instinct to expect to get the best by spending little money, you should also not compromise on the features you want in the name of cost.

Check if the phone you choose ticks off all the must-have features and requirements. Review and compare among different phones and choose the best out of the list. Value for money is something you should not forget when it comes to gadgets.

With so many companies now starting to sell smartphones with the essential features at affordable costs, it is in your hands to sort through them and find the right one. It can be overwhelming when choosing the features but think which aspects you will need the most and choose wisely.


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