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How To Add Page Numbers On Any PDF Using GoGoPDF

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GoGoPDF has quite a selection of online PDF editing and optimizing tools that you can use. One of these functional tools is the Add Page Number to PDF tool.

You can easily add any page numbering into any PDF using this tool. It’s incredibly straightforward to use, and it is for free!

There are many advantages to numbering your PDF pages. Without a doubt, it’d be easier to use page numbers to highlight vital points in a report.

You can avail of these advantages by numbering your PDF pages through this online GoGoPDF tool. Here’s how GoGoPDF provides this online PDF optimization service:

How To Add Page Numbers To PDF

  • Adding page numbers to your PDF is an incredibly simple process. It should be easy if you use this GoGoPDF tool for this PDF optimizing process.
  • GoGoPDF’s Add Page Number Tool should do all the work for you.
  • In turn, there’s no need to look for a manual as GoGoPDF serves as your best choice to add page numbers to PDF online.
  • First, you’ll need to upload the PDF file that you want to add new page numbers to. You can select and upload it from your device, or you can drag and drop the PDF file to the toolbox for PC users.
  • Then, choose which side of the PDF page you want the numbers to appear. You first need to save all the changes you’ve made before moving on.
  • For the third step, you must select the manner in which you want to share your PDF document. You can copy the link that GoGoPDF provides, or you can email the PDF file itself.
  • After the third step, you can download your newly numbered PDF document on your device or computer.

Effortless Optimization

  • Using GoGoPDF to add page numbers should allow you to add page numbers to any PDF with ease. As you can see, you can optimize your PDF by adding page numbers in just four simple steps.
  • There is no need for you to use any complicated or wacky processes to add page numbers into your PDF document.
  • With GoGoPDF, you can add page numbers to any PDF document using only a few clicks. This online process is incredibly effortless and straightforward to use.
  • You surely won’t run through any errors, twists, and bumps in trying to add page numbers to your PDF through GoGoPDF.
  • This convenient and effortless PDF optimization tool is free-for-all users to use. You can find it on the GoGoPDF website, wherein you can add page numbers to your PDF instantly and without even breaking a sweat.

Use On Any Platform

  • GoGoPDF’s add page number to PDF tool is completely accessible on any platform. As with all GoGoPDF tools, this tool can be accessed and used on any Windows, Mac, or Linux-based systems.
  • All you need to add page numbers to your PDF is a web browser and GoGoPDF. You can avail of an effortless process by going to the GoGoPDF website to access this PDF optimization tool.
  • Also, can always use any web browser that you want. You can choose to open the GoGoPDF platform using Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more.
  • Sometimes, it comes down to the browser that is compatible with your system. You can even use independent web browsers like TOR browser to add page numbers to your PDF!
  • GoGoPDF will have no problem when used on any mobile platform. In turn, you can now add page numbers to your PDF files even on the go!
  • This distinct feature is perfect for those who need to quickly add page numbers before a report, presentation, or submission!

Cloud Storage

  • GoGoPDF’s Add Page Number tool is entirely web-based. All editing or optimization takes place on their servers using this optimization tool.
  • All processes in GoGoPDF, whether conversion, editing, or optimization, are done online and saved in their Cloud system.
  • This cloud system is also the main reason users can enjoy a fast and high-quality process without installing any software.
  • That’s right; you won’t need to download and install any software, as you’ll only need a web browser on your computer or device.

Consumer Privacy

  • It is perfectly reasonable to worry about your personal information upon using an online tool like GoGoPDF.
  • GoGoPDF doesn’t run away from its responsibilities to promote a secure platform for its users.
  • It operates in a highly-secure channel and connection to assure its users’ safety and privacy.
  • GoGoPDF also adheres to the highest standard in security. There won’t be any scenario wherein other users can download and use your documents without your permission.
  • All processes done through GoGoPDF are private and secure.
  • Files uploaded and transferred across the GoGoPDF platform should also be safe. Any files you transferred and uploaded through GoGoPDF will be deleted from its server an hour after.
  • This process should see to it that your documents and files will never be recycled and accessed on the GoGoPDF platform by other users.


  • Adding page numbers to your PDF shouldn’t be a complicated process. It definitely isn’t when you use GoGoPDF for this job.
  • GoGoPDF offers a well-rounded optimization tool that allows users to add page numbers in the most convenient and secure way.
  • It has all the premium features that you want in a PDF optimization tool, and anyone can use it for free.


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