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Learn To Add Numbers In PDF Files for Long Documents With These Easy Steps

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Have you been working long hours to finish a document that’s around 20 to 30 pages or more?

One of the challenging aspects of this work is when you need to add or remove words, and the page numbers become messy. In this article, you’ll learn how to add page numbers in pdf.

This method is crucial when you are working with multiple documents from various sources, as with group research or report.

The great thing about having this function is its capacity for uniformity. This method is also handy when you are editing a writing project such as a bio or novel, where you need to add or remove passages in several chapters.

A minimalist website is an essential factor in using the tools. This step is a considerable improvement from the olden days when people think that more is better.

Online tools such as PDF editing tools, video editing, and even photo editing have made tasks more straightforward. These tools are recommended for people who are on the go.

People who don’t want to add clutter in their already bulky computer folders; this is where the magic of tools like Gogo PDF comes into play.

Woking Long Hours Get More Comfortable with Gogo PDF.

Gogo PDF is one of the most visible online tools today. This is because of its ease of use and also many functionalities. Are you working with many documents for long periods?

  • That’s not a problem. Gogo PDF can help you with tasks such as converting MS Word to PDF, merging pdf, transforming pdf to jpeg and many more. This tool is helpful in so many ways.
  • While other converters are for computer use only, as they are downloaded and installed; GoGo PDF is online-based.
  • Yes, this tool doesn’t need to be part of your computer program. It means that you free up precious space from your computer memory, making each task run faster.
  • Another good thing about this pdf tool is its emphasis on security. Cloud-based programs are not vulnerable to viruses or hacking.
  • If your computer gets into trouble in the middle of a task, you can still retrieve your files.
  • You can also rely on the speed of this online converter to ensure you get your tasks done before your deadline.

Gogo PDF Pro Offers More

  • The essential Gogo PDF can help you with your needs, but the pro account offers more. For example, processing unlimited tasks.
  • You can process as many files as you want. You can also process, upload, download and convert as many files as you want at the same time.
  • This is helpful for people who are doing laborious tasks with a deadline in mind. Most basic accounts have ads.
  • This is normal. Switching to pro prevents pop-ups so you can do your tasks without interruption.
  • Pro account holders also have priority assistance. For example, when you run into trouble, you have someone to turn to to get help.
  • You also get unlimited storage cloud, so you can store all the files you’ve converted for future use.

Steps In Adding Numbers to your PDF Files

Adding numbers to your pdf files is straightforward. You only need the following to run this task:

  • A working computer – Any working computer running Windows, Linux or Mac can get things working. Since Gogo PDF is cloud-based, there are minimal computer resources needed.
  • A browser – You can use any browser that gets you connected to the web. Browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera or Google Chrome can run Gogo PDF.
  • A working internet connection – Your medium internet speed will do fine. But it helps to have a speedy one, especially when you are working on huge files or batches.

What to do:

  • The first step pdf numbering is to open your browser and then navigate to the official Gogo PDF website. You can also Google search if you don’t have the existing link. Be sure to clear your cache if your navigational speed is slow.
  • Once you’re on the Gogo PDF site, you will be greeted by a page with all the tools. Be sure to look for “Number Pages’. This tab will open a new page that will enable you to do your task.
  • Once you are there, do the following. Upload the PDF you will add the new page numbers you want. You can drag and drop or use the “select file” button in the center of the page.
  • With Gogo pdf, you can view and edit all the pages, and you can rearrange them all by the order you want. You can then save all the changes you’ve made.
  • You can either email the file or copy the link provided by the website. This is in case you want to share or distribute the document. You can also download the form to your computer and have an option to share whenever you want to.


  • Having this accessibility in numbering your pages gives you ease. It also saves you time. Gogo PDF is easy to navigate with its simple interface.
  • It is also fast and reliable. Whenever you run into a problem, there is always an assistant that will help you.
  • This customer assistant is available in the pro version. Lastly, tell your friends about the easy steps on how to number your pages using Gogo PDF.

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