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How Long Does It Take To Fix An Internet Outage?

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Internet Outage

The one word “internet” carries so much in itself and is every single connection around us starting from the router, wire, switch, phone, home security, social media, and computers almost everything is dependent on the internet connection. Let’s think of something that works similar to it where one focal device is connected to another focal device and holding it all together. That’s how only the availability of the internet has enabled us to stay connected with one another and to multiple devices at once.

But what happens when the internet outage takes place? Everything stops and the entire network of devices that was silently keeping it all together, collapse. There are various ways to support the system for some time but that support comes with its own limitations that cannot replace the internet for a long time. If it comes to an internet connection, that is worth spending with the least amount of outage, we would recommend getting the Spectrum Silver package. However, in this article, we will try to draw a rough estimate of the internet outage and how to get it fixed. So, without further delay, let’s get to it:

Let’s do one thing to clarify our minds, we shall enlist the main reasons and their reference with each other. Are you inquiring about an individual house or an individual neighborhood, a server that provides internet service, or a country?

  • If we talk about an individual user, it might be something insignificant that may cause problems at home or maybe the customer forgot to pay the due bill.
  • Another main reason that arises is damaged cables that might cause trouble to an individual user since it may be due to pests to the wall which can be damaging wires, a neighborhood (striking the cable when construction work took place), Learn about the different types of schedules used for a construction project template and ISP (inside the data center) or an entire country due to submarine wires getting disrupted.
  • Furthermore, natural disasters which include hurricane floods, earthquake, etc. A fire that causes in the datacenter or a local branch since internet outages are caused by a data centerfire.
  • Moreover, a service outage of an internet service provider at a datacenter and power switch fire might be caused due to a lightning strike.
  • Yes, you guessed it right, now think about other reasons such as guns, squirrels, and steel too; these are the different ways to disturb data center.
  • Another different major challenge for google to function without interruption is sharks, the ways through which google discourages sharks to eat undersea cables.
  • Another main problem is burglars who steal different types of equipment from data centers which include the loss of a hefty amount of internet data.
  • Equipment damage:One of the reasons when the essential equipment is not working properly can be a cause behind internet disruption.
  • Sun interruption:this can also happen and has happened in the past and depends on what way the sun messes with TV, radio, etc. Satellite, however, is more prone to such outage but that depends on the fact if cable wires are in contact with harsh sun rays or warmth.

Almost all the aforesaid reasons that can possibly cause internet outages to have different time frames to settle down. However, you must check with the Mediacom customer support department of your ISP and they will be in the best position to guide you.

What could be the possible solutions to revoke the internet outage?

Usually, ISPs have enough secondary power providers, but it still lacks somewhere and doesn’t ensure the network to be running forever as we know that data centers are a little power-hungry. A 3 in-1 example, a lighting sparkle may give rise to fire that as a result may destroy the backup electrical system of an internet provider and sometimes primary. There must be a technical department, the one who dedicatedly ensures bugs and updates since minute errors may cause huge problems later – one of the common problems that raise through is internet outages all over the US.

Final Thoughts

ISPs are basically proactive and lay hold to avoid problems, for example, by constructor unnecessary system somehow different combination of the causes mentioned above. Many times just far away from what the network had been preparing for. Additionally, for the upcoming perspective particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, YouTube, and other social apps that include Netflix slow down occasionally just to refrain the internet from breaking due to the heavy consumption.


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