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Email Marketing Guide: What is Email Marketing + 6 Tips to Build Your Email List (2022)

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective types of digital marketing methods used to reach out to different audience groups and attract them to a business. Emails resonate with varying age groups, location-based customers, and more. Understanding what is digital marketing? its best practices and approaches, such as email marketing, allow brands to use to-the-point and relevant content that will attract more customers, thus making it a suitable marketing approach for all types of consumers.

To make email marketing successful, brands must build a mailing list that will allow them to connect with their customers, promote their work, and build meaningful business-customer relationships. To do this, brands have to ensure that people are enthusiastic enough to sign up for the mailing list. Hence, here’s a look at a few tips that will make people sign up for promotional emails.

6 Tips to Build a Successful Mailing List

  1. Add Pop-Up Offers

When customers open and view your brand website, you can have a message pop onto the screen that speaks of attractive offers. Speak of discount offers, exclusive limited-time deals, etc., as these will grab customer attention, and they will be more inclined to register for promotional emails. It will encourage people to check out the offer and sign up for your mailing list if the proposal aligns with their needs.

  1. Encourage Email Signup Through Social Media

Use social media posts to excite your viewers to register for promotional emails that will allow you to market your products or services. Post exclusive offers or codes that may only be accessible by the mailing list. With incentives that align with customer interests and needs, they will be more likely to register for advertising emails. It will be something they will welcome, thus giving businesses a better chance to build successful mailing lists to connect with target audience groups.

  1. Include a Signup Option at Checkout

If you’re selling products online, use the checkout point to invite people to register for your mailing list. To make people more excited about joining your email list, you can add a message about an exclusive discount code or offer only available when people sign up. It will make customers feel more excited about receiving promotional emails, and they will welcome all emails and interact with them.

Email Marketing

  1. Personalized Landing Pages

Customize your landing page to display varying messages that invite customers to sign up for a mailing list. You can base these messages on how they discovered your brand, redirected links, etc. Use variations of CTAs as it will help create higher consumer interest.

When customers are more enthusiastic about what you have to offer them, they will be more likely to register for promotional emails and sign up for the mailing list. A customized landing page will resonate with different customer interactions, thus giving brands a better chance of building successful consumer mailing lists.

  1. Collect Email Information In-Store

When customers visit your online store, tell them about exclusive email-only offers that will excite them to join your list. Ask them for their contact details, and you can then add them to your list to send them promotional news.

In-person communication lets you develop a relationship with customers and encourage them to trust your products and services. In-store communication is an excellent way to interact with customers. You can give them as much detail as possible about your promotional emails, which will make them trust you with their contact details.

  1. Add a Signup Option to the Footer

Include a signup command at the bottom of your web page that users can navigate to easily and register for your mailing list. Adding a signup option in the footer will make it convenient for customers to find the option in one place and use it to sign up for the mailing list. You can also include content on your webpage with a link that will direct consumers to the option, thus reducing their need to scroll down.


Email marketing is an efficient way for brands to reach out to and connect with their target audience. It helps attract more customers and also builds customer loyalty. Email marketing helps generate higher traffic which is essential for business growth. It is why it becomes necessary to construct interactive mailing lists that brands can use to market their offerings and receive the desired responses from their customers.

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