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How to Avoid 5 of the Most Common Instagram Scams

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Instagram is a social media platform that millions of people around the world use every day. However, because there’s so much traffic to Instagram, it also means there are plenty of scammers that try to use Instagram to their advantage. If you want to stay safe, make sure you’re looking out for these top Instagram scams.

1. Investment Scams

As more people become aware of online investing and cryptocurrency, the number of investment scams has skyrocketed. It’s never a good idea to start your investment strategy based on what someone has said on Instagram, and you should never give money to a random stranger for “investments.” Invest through reputable websites and apps, and do your research before you start investing.

2. Fake Sponsorships

This is something that often hits people who are just getting into the world of influencer blogging, especially on Instagram. If someone messages you offering you money or products for a sponsorship, make sure you do your due diligence first. Never hand over sensitive information, like your bank account information, for a sponsorship; ask for payment via a payment service instead.

3. Giveaway Scams

Instagram is a popular place to run giveaways, but this also means that scammers have themselves hijacked many giveaways. If you get a message that you’ve “won a giveaway,” first make sure you actually won the giveaway and that the message is coming from the actual account that ran the giveaway. Additionally, never give sensitive information to someone; you shouldn’t have to pay to receive your giveaway spoils unless it was in the terms and conditions.

4. Romance Scams

This is an especially sad type of scam that preys on people’s desires for companionship. If you’re getting to know someone online, make sure you’re aware that you shouldn’t give money to people you haven’t met in real life. Too many scammers build fake relationships with people online, then scam them out of their money with fake emergencies, ghosting them once the money has run out.

5. Work From Home Scams

Many people want to work from home nowadays, which has increased the amount of work from home scams exponentially. Keep an eye out for jobs that promise ludicrous pay for relatively simple work, like data entry, or for jobs that require a payment before you start working. There are many genuine work from home jobs out there, but these red flags mean you should stay away and find something else.


Instagram, like any other social media, is a fairly easy place to fall for scams. This is definitely unfortunate, but it’s also something that you can avoid as long as you understand what scams to look out for on Instagram. The simplest thing to remember is this: never send money to someone you don’t know, especially if they’re just a random person on Instagram. Even if they seem legitimate, chances are that they’re just trying to get your money, then run away with it.

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