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Memes for Marketing, Here Is Everything You Need to Know About It.

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Memes are the champions of social media content. If you like them or hate them, they are here to stay and will continuously evolve with time. You can make memes with a meme generator or an online tool like this one here, post them, get your shares, and move on to the next trend– all this in a matter of a few hours. This pattern is a fast-paced, trend-driven side of marketing that anyone can consider.

Check Brand Match

Yes, memes are a fascinating option, but before you jump into making memes, ask yourself if it is right for your brand. A sophisticated brand that caters to a premium market or an upscale user base cannot blindly use memes.

If you were to promote to groups like gamers, phone-users, or sports-fans, memes are an ideal choice. But the shareability of the memes does not justify its use. Every meme should represent the voice of your brand.

If your brand has an image of a fun, humor-living, and young demographic, memes will do magic to your company.

How To Meme Market.

Here are a few points to help master the meme-marketing journey. These are not rules, but guidelines to help understand the basics.

Understand Memes

The first step to making quality memes is understanding the innate culture. Each image, tile, and catch-phrase has its own distinct meaning. They are funny only if you can make a perfect sense of them.

If you spend a ton of time on apps like 9Gag and reply to WhatsApp messages with memes and GIFs, you will probably be the right person for this job. Misusing a meme will undoubtedly deteriorate your reputations.


Yes, that is what it’s called. Some memes are short-lived– they stem from a moment in the news, and the funnies last for a few days. This trend gives the brand a small window of opportunity to make the best from it.

These trending memes are widely shared and resonate instantly with a large market. Since they are “in-trend,” this makes them rise to the top of social media pages and feeds. The faster you get to a trend, the better the value from it.

A meme-trend that recently worked was of a couple walking on the street, while the man glances at another woman. And if you are active on social media, you have seen this template used extensively. This stock-photo-turned-meme was exploited by every brand online within weeks of its trending.  

Make Your Own.

Content distribution or curation will not work in this case. It would help if you made your own memes. If you are a page that shares other people’s work, it will not set you apart on the internet. Meme-culture is your time to shine and make your original product.

You can easily use meme templates from InVideo and generate memes in a few minutes. The other alternative is to use the culture of memes and create your personalized style. While memes are shareable, the reason they work is fascinating.

By leveraging the pre-existing formats, you can make your meme. If and when they do resonate with the audience, it will become an instant trend.

Reply With Memes

Think outside the posting; memes are a lot more than posts and sales content. Memes work in more creative ways to share any information. If your website is under maintenance, a meme will be an innovative way to provide that explanation.

Memes are a powerful way to reply to social media posts and messages. They are faster, interactive, and create a more real noise. Since many memes are available in GIF formats already, it makes social media replies easier.

Additionally, memes are ideal to spack friendly banter with completion brands or news about your brand. These memes are more comfortable to consume, thus making the conversation light-hearted and worthy of social-media-buzz.

Know When To Stop

The biggest mistake you can make with meme marketing is going overboard. Too many memes and forced humor will make your social media page look like a dad-jokes-page. Keep in mind that meme-creation cannot be a primary form of content creations.

Use memes only enough to ride trends or create a buzz. They provide quality engagements for your brand, but only when kept to its original best.

Advantages of Meme Marketing.

If you are a little unsure about meme-marketing yet, here are three reasons why memes are a rage in the online world.

Free Resource.

Social media is one of the cheapest marketing platforms for any brand. And the use of memes is close to free. All you need is a few creative ideas, and they cost practically nothing to make. The template used to make memes do not contain any copyright, making it easier to manage.

Basic knowledge of image-editing or using a meme-generator online can produce share-worthy content in a few minutes. Memes do not need pieces of equipment, software, or complex-skills to make either.  

Better Reach

Memes are one of the several shared contents on the internet. No piece of content can even get close to this form of engagements since the pre-defined meanings are well-known to avid online consumers; it is’ easier to grab eyes.

Since the trigger-emotion is humor, it is also more peaceful to grasp recognition and encourage more shares for each post.

Better TG.

The basis of effective marketing is gaining the right target-demographic. This process is very quickly possible with memes. There is a loyal following of meme-lovers online who will back any brand that uses them.

Also, a brand that uses memes is setting fun and peppy impression of themselves online.

Final Thoughts,

Here is the tricky part about chasing trends with the meme-culture. More than a hundred, even thousands of people post memes online for each trend and event. To stand out from this clutter takes a creative mind and fast-thinking.

The average meme consumer has many options and alternatives, and getting your brand on the top of the trend will take some time, effect, or deep understanding of this fascinating culture called memes. 


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