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How to boost your career path through fashion designing?

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How to boost your career path through fashion designing_

Are you interested in fashion design? If so, this article is for you! Studying fashion design may be an option, but you may be sceptical as it is relatively new. After all, many designers spend years developing their craft before ever getting their designs manufactured by a company. Studying fashion design could be right up your alley if you have an eye for visual detail and an artistic side. Here is how you can start on the right track to reach your goals.

Fashion design: What is It?

Fashion design creates new clothes, accessories, and shoe styles for all genders. Studying fashion design teaches about the human body, fit and design, colour theory, and more. You also learn about the business world of the fashion industry. In short, you get a holistic view of the industry and new growth trends.

Bachelor in fashion design

If you have a solid foundation in visual art, then a bachelor in fashion design may be an excellent option. Many community colleges offer this program, which is also an option at some four-year universities. Generally, you will study art, design, and business courses like marketing, economics, and finance. You also learn about technical design, production, and other areas that relate to fashion. 

You cover topics like pattern design, fabric selection, and more and have the option to focus on visual merchandising or retail management.

Masters in fashion management

If you are already in the fashion industry, then a master’s in fashion management might be in order. Some subjects are related to the bachelor’s course, with the addition of more business-focused courses. For example, you have supply chain management and marketing strategy subjects. When you complete it, you will be in an excellent position to continue your career as a designer.

How to find a fashion college?

If you are unsure whether a degree in fashion design is right for you, you can look up various design colleges in India. Many have dedicated fashion programs, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the level of education you receive. If you opt for this route, we recommend applying to a few colleges and seeing which cater to your needs. 

You can also consider a two- or four-year program. There are primarily four-year universities that offer degree programs in fashion design.

Stay connected with industry professionals

If you want to stand out, you must stay in touch with the professionals working there. That can be difficult if you are in school, but not impossible. There are plenty of online forums, social media platforms, and other resources to stay connected to your career. 

Watch out for job listings and try to attend industry conferences and tradeshow supplies to meet professionals in person. Most colleges have interviews right after the course to land you the desired job. 

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