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Facebook Analytics for Beginners – What you need to know

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Content marketing is crucial to your success online and otherwise in the digital age. You’re probably aware that every successful business has a solid content marketing strategy to keep themselves afloat and thrive over time. Mastering social media marketing is vital if you want to gain as many followers and potential customers as possible, and expand your brand awareness. However, merely posting content every once in a while on Instagram and Facebook will not do you much good. You need to have a strategy in place as you post content on Facebook and other social media platforms. This is where Facebook Analytics comes into play. 

What is Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics makes for an intuitive and powerful tool that helps you optimize your social media marketing and run effective campaigns. It enables you to track the page likes, follows, actions on-page, and other vital data metrics. Facebook analytics and the data you get from it give you a detailed understanding of your audience, allowing you to focus on content that works for them. 

How do you Use Facebook Analytics?

You’re probably confused as to how to understand Facebook analytics. To find Facebook Insights on your Facebook page, hit the ‘Insights’ option after logging in. You should find an option that says ‘Overview’ on the left.

Overview shows you a comprehensive list of everything that happens on your Facebook page. It has three categories: Page summary, Your 5 Most Recent Posts, and Pages to Watch. You will find the following parameters under Page summary: 

  • Actions on Page: Actions on Page are the number of clicks on your contact information and call-to-action buttons.
  • Page views: As the name suggests, Page views refer to the number of views on your Facebook Page, including users who visited your page without logging into Facebook.
  • Page Previews: Page previews are a tally of the number of people who place the mouse cursor over your Facebook page information to get a preview. 
  • Page Likes: Page likes is the number of new likes on your Facebook page. 
  • Post reach: Post reach is the number of people who have seen your posts on their timelines.
  • Story reach: Story reach calculates the number of people who saw your stories on their timelines. 
  • Recommendations: This is the number of people who recommended your page.
  • Post engagement: Post engagement is the number of post likes, comments, shares, and other forms of engagement.
  • Responsiveness: This shows how often and how quickly you reply to people’s messages.
  • Videos: This is the number of video views that were at least three seconds long.
  • Page followers: This is a tally of the number of followers of your Facebook Page. 
  • Orders: Your orders and earnings

How to Optimize your Facebook Analytics?

Here’s what you can do to optimize your Facebook Analytics: 

Determine your Target Audience

You need to determine your target audience and determine if the people who find your page are the kinds of people you are targeting. You can use the Audience Insights tool to get a detailed analysis of your audience. 

Decide the Best Time to Post Content

In addition to the content itself, figuring out when to post it to get the best results is vital. When you are starting out, you should probably go with the experts’ recommendations. However, once you have a few posts up, you can use the Facebook Analytics tool to determine the best time to post and schedule your posts accordingly. 

Post the Kind of Content that Sticks

When you are starting out, figuring out the best kind of posts to upload can be challenging. However, keeping track of trends and posting content accordingly can bring you some feedback. The more you post and monitor the feedback you get, the better your content game will be. While you post the types of content that do well, be sure to check which of your posts get negative engagement like spam, and determine the reason for it. You may use the Reach option to check this data. 

Gauge your Facebook Insights Regularly

Using Facebook Insights to gauge the response to your content is not a one-time activity. You need to continually monitor the response to your content on Facebook, which means you must check your Facebook Analytics every now and then to be on the top of your game. If you want a permanent record of your page data for the last 180 days, click on ‘Export Data’ that you will find on the top right corner of the overview section. 

Which Parameters should you Track with Facebook Insights?

The most important parameters to track using Facebook Insights are as follows: 

Post reach and Engagement

As you may have guessed, gauging your post reach and engagement is crucial. You need to determine how many people checked out your posts, interacted with them, and reported them as spam. 


This is another vital parameter to look up. Use Facebook Insights to determine the actions that people take when they visit your Facebook page. You may have a bunch of custom Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons. See which ones they use more. 


Figuring out your key demographic of people is critical because it affects your content marketing strategy. You can use Audience Insights for a detailed analysis of this parameter. 


As the name suggests, this parameter refers to the number of views your page and its sections get. Be sure to keep track of this. 


If you want to optimize your posts and overall content marketing strategy, you need to determine how your posts have performed and are performing over time. 


If you’re a budding brand and have understood the importance of content marketing, you probably already know that you need to post content on Facebook and other platforms regularly. However, a decent grasp on Facebook Analytics can take you a long way and get you the results you want, faster. 


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