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What Is Drone And What is it Types

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What is a Drone?

If you are thinking of your journey in the world of drones, do not miss a word of this post, since in it we will explain what exactly a drone is, the different names that use depending on its characteristics and its basic components.

A drone, as we currently know it, is an aircraft that flies unmanned and remotely controlled. There are different types to refer to them:
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or “unmanned aerial vehicle”). With these acronyms, we refer to any device that can fly without crew, including any radio-controlled toy.

UAS (Unmanned Aerial System). It is the set of components itself, beyond the flight device.

Drone. Partial synonym for UAS. A drone is an unmanned aerial system not used for a specific function. For example, a UAS becomes a drone when a camera use to monitor it.

RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). A more concrete and detailed way to call UAVs. They refer to the fact that a natural person remotely controls the airplane or flight system. Like UAVs, complex systems (devices themselves and control systems) have a specific nomenclature, known as RPAS.

Multicopters. They are aircraft with multiple rotors capable of taking off vertically. Several types depend on the rotors they have: quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter, or the coaxial quadcopter.

It should notice that the UAV and RPA type includes all those devices that fly by remote control (including radio-controlled toys ) and that UAS and RPAS are more complex systems.

What Is Drone Made Up Of?

The first drone that is known to date dates from 1922 and was built by George de Bothezat, even though he did not manage to lift it more than five meters from the ground. These human unmanned aircraft made up of several components, which we describe below:

mechanical Components.

  • Structure. The part where the rest of the components are mounted and supported. Its main function is to minimize the vibrations produced by the motors when turning the propellers.
  • Propellers. The number of propellers will depend on the number of rotors the drone has. Its function is to drive the motors and stabilize the device in the air.
  • Engines. They are connects to the propellers and are locate just below them, on the outside of the structure.

Electrical components.

  • Electronic speed control.direction of the drone For Controlling the speed.
  • Battery. Powers all electrical components.
  • Remote Control. It is the device that controls the drone, and that will allow us to manage it from wherever we are.
  • P lacquer controller. Its function is to achieve stability in flight by transmitting information to the Electronic Speed ​​Control.

The main movements that a drone can do are:

  • Yaw. To the left or right of the vertical axis.
  • Inclination. To the right or left of the longitudinal axis.
  • Pitching. Forward or backward rotation concerning the transverse axis.
  • Altitude. Vertical lift.

Drone Types:

The main uses of a drone are military and civilian. This second, which is what interests us, may, in turn, have a commercial, leisure, or employment purpose for audiovisual productions. Here we leave you an interesting infographic that explains everything concisely and directly.

These are The Types of Drones

  • Syma X5HW
  • Syma HC X5
  • Black Phantom
  • Syma C8 PRO


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