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7 Cool Logo Design Ideas To Implement On Your Next Logo

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7 Cool Logo Design Ideas To Implement On Your Next Logo

Logo Design Ideas – Do you want to make a memorable impression with your company logo? Or maybe you’re ready for a refresh and need some inspiration. Either way, this article will compile seven cool logo design ideas for you to consider on your next logo creation.

1. Reflective Waves

This logo creation idea uses a reflective wave pattern, contrasting with a dark background. The waves become much more prominent because of the dark color and text. The waves look like they’re about to crash and reflect the future of your business. It’s dramatic and eye-catching. The wave pattern can also represent flowing water, which is something that all businesses need to survive.

2. Colorful Circle

This colorful logo creation idea uses a circle graphic to represent your business name. The color is bold, but the circle’s shape is subtle. It uses a different color for each word, making it easy to read. The logo looks playful and fun, which is the kind of image that people tend to remember. It can also be considered a symbol of unity.

3. Stripes

Stripes are used in this logo-making idea to represent your business name and tagline. They’re large and easy to see and give the logo an athletic look. The stripes could represent a sports theme like running or soccer because it uses red color for each word. The stripes are simple but eye-catching.

4. Sunburst

This sunburst logo design idea uses the sun to represent your business name implying growth and healthy life. The sun is bursting because it represents energy, thus implying growth and life. It’s a positive symbol because it represents warmth, which means living creatures thrive under this sun. The dazzling colors also give the logo a youthful feel.

5. Iconic Falling Draw

This logo creation idea uses an iconic falling draw to represent your business. The falling draw symbolizes growth and signifies that what you do is creating something new. The logo also highlights the word “company,” which adds significance. You can use it for a business that creates new products or services.

6. Rhomboid

This logo uses a rhomboid shape to represent your business name. The rhomboid shape has four sides, representing the letters of your business name. It’s simple but also creative because it represents letters with geometric shapes. The subtle cross in the middle also adds meaning to the letters while giving them a unique style. It also highlights the tagline and could be used for a business that has a religious or spiritual undertone.

7. Bifold Stationery

This logo creation idea uses bifold stationery to represent your name, which is a creative choice. Usually, a business card is associated with a person or organization, but this logo creation idea gives it a different perspective. The lettering of your business name is separated into two panels with a stunning color combination. It’s a creative idea that you can use for any business.


Logo design ideas are endless. These examples will help you get the creative juices flowing and spark your imagination. You can also add your twists and add creative elements to these logo creation ideas by using software like Adobe Spark.

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