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How to Check Someone’s Background for Free

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With the advancement of technology, people have come with solutions for almost everything. Everything is just changing. Nobody had an idea that the world will transform into what it is today. Today we have the tools via which we can determine someone’s background.

Yes, it is real, possible, and relatively painless. But an authentic and reliable source is required to do so. Suppose you are wondering where to find that source from. Stop wondering about it as we have got the source and all the related information. Stick to this article, and you will get to know yourself.


CocoFinder is the source that will let you find about someone’s background, status, criminal record, Current address, traffic tickets, relatives, and much more. It was made to help out people having issues with finding someone.


By using CocoFinder, many old pals, classmates, and relatives have connected. It is all an all tool to help out people in search of someone. You can find anyone in the United States of America. Around 1,325,923 addresses are currently on the website where you can check about someone you are looking for.

Why CocoFinder?

It is the question that arises as soon as somebody is introduced to something. Why that thing and not anything else. We have got the reasons to use CocoFinder for this particular errand. You can see more about CocoFinder on its official page.

People Search

You can search for people by their names. You can use this tool to find friends, colleagues, relatives, family members, and anyone else you want to find out about.

Phone Lookups

Using this feature, you can determine the location, identity, and other significant details of a person.

White pages


The whites Pages tool allows the users to find someone through an alphabetical directory of people in any state.

Address Lookups

This tool helps people to find someone’s current and past address records.

Email Lookups


It can help find the social accounts and other related stuff of a particular person you are looking for.

Background Checks

The background check makes it feasible for you to check about a person’s employment history, criminal records, and much more.

What can you find on CocoFinder?

You can find everything about a person on CocoFinder. Whatever you need to know about a person, it is the best place to search for it.


You can get to know about someone’s Phone Number, Identity, Age and Date of Birth, Background, Court Records, Relatives, Contact Numbers, Current Addresses, Traffic Tickets, Sex Offender Data, Arrest Records, Vital Records, and a lot more.

Suppose you are about to give your house on rent. You cannot merely provide it to anyone who wants it. At first, you need to figure out his background, vital records, and such stuff.

For such things, why waste time when you can have it all done within a few minutes. Trust CocoFinder for your work, and it will never disappoint you.

Super-Fast searches

CocoFinder is aware that time is precious, and nobody has extra time to waste over anything. As a result, it provides a super-fast searching service. It makes sure that not a single minute of someone’s precious time is wasted.

Data Tracking

CocoFinder is mindful of the privacy of its users. It doesn’t track any data. It does not keep records of whatever information you enter or details you provide while signing up for the account. Other applications might be in the habit of doing so, but when you are a CocoFinder user, you have nothing to be strained about.

High Accuracy

The data available on the website is authentic and genuine, the same as that of the government public records. CocoFinder provides the highest accuracy rate compared to any of the people searching sites.

Huge Database

CocoFinder has a massive database with more than billions of identities. So, it is tough to miss any information on any person from this platform. CocoFinder has all the tools to provide people with ease. So get started today without giving it any second thoughts.

How to run CocoFinder?

It is clear to run. You are in need to simply make a record at its official site. Once you are done, you can sign in whenever with insignificant requirements (email id and the password).

In the wake of signing in, you can begin your background checking work. You have to simply enter the name, email address, or telephone number. You can see the thing you have and click the pursuit button.

At that point, CocoFinder will show you the data, records it has concerning that individual. And you will get the most authentic and genuine information about the person you were looking for.

Desktop and Mobile phone friendly

CocoFinder is made for the convenience of the people. As a result, it makes sure it has all the facilities. CocoFinder is made to function admirably on any electronic gadget. It may be a cellphone, tablet, iPad, or even desktop.

It can work from all internet browsers like the regular searching engines. There isn’t even the need to download any application for utilizing it.

Subscription Plans

CocoFinder offers two plans to which people can subscribe to. One with unlimited searches for a month and the other one with two months of complete reports. Both are relatively economical and will not prove a burden on your budget.

Customer Service

They are available 24/7 to help out people. You feel there is something you can’t understand or unable to process at any time of the day. Simply contact customer care as they will respond to you and will make sure your problem is solved and you are satisfied.


Heed towards its official page to learn everything about this application since it’s everything but an apparatus to miss. Likewise, you can contact customer service whenever you need. You can also terminate the service when you feel you don’t want to pursue this tool.

Kindly give us input regarding this application and mention what else you need to find in our articles. We are anticipating your reaction.



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