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What Cable Providers have 4K Format Available?

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4K Format

4K Format – As for those you who are confused about what 4K is and why is it so difficult to find shows that can be viewed in 4K? The response to the question is that 4K essentially means a performance higher than the HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. You will experience an incredibly brighter and crisp image and image consistency than your older TV if you already have a 4K TV. 4K is more than just sharp pictures, and it’s the unusual information that blows away your mind.

It should be considered that to watch content in 4K, the minimal Internet speed is required. So, you must subscribe to a provider that provides more than 25 Mbps of internet speed and provides a secure link. Since some streaming services offer 4K content, the cable industry feels the need to keep pace. Consequently, here are the top three providers of cable TV that support 4K right now!

Spectrum TV customers can stream 4K content from their Spectrum TV 4K app. Further in this article, we will enlist all the cable services that offer 4K content:


DIRECTV is indeed one of the industry’s most successful providers. Along with many other features, its affordable packages and high-quality services enable you to stream 4K video. Besides, with over 50,000 shows and movies, you get access to a vast library to enjoy on-demand content.

Equipment Needed: To make use of the DIRECTV subscription, you would need a 4K TV and the new Genie DVR as it may not work on an old version.


With some exceptional deals and offers for its customers, Dish TV is another competitive 4K service provider. It also provides free installation, in addition to an impressive channel range. Another appealing aspect of Dish is that, after signing the deal, it guarantees you a stable price without any hikes.

Required Equipment: You would need a Dish 3 Hopper DVR OR A 4K receiver from Dish, in addition to a 4K TV and subscription. For Dish TV, the equipment needed is quite the same as for DIRECTV.

Xfinity TV 4K

In terms of 4K coverage, Xfinity has also built a strong position in the industry. You will watch as many as 300,000 or more films or TV shows. As part of your kit, you can also opt for add-on channels.

Requires Equipment: You will need Xfinity’s Stream software compatible with Samsung TV sets to access the 4K coverage. To make use of the Stream app, you’ll also need Xfinity Internet.


Here is a complete list of cable providers that provide 4K format:

Source Prices Type of service Content-Type Required Tools
YouTube/YouTube Premium Youtube: Free; YouTube Premium: $7 to  $18.00per month 4K movie streaming Mostly nature shorts and free demos.  

4K Roku, Amazon Fire, Compatible 4K TV, or Chromecast Ultra

Xfinity $49.99 to $89.49per month 4K cable service On-demand titles via NBCUniversal  

Flexbox or 4K-capable X1 DVR, compatible 4K TV

Xbox One S $149 to $299.00 4K gaming system Movies, Games, and more; Xbox too integrates

HDR technology

Compatible 4K TV
VUDU Purchases: between $5 to $30; Rentals: around $4 to $8 4K streaming rentals & purchases Movies; available with Dolby Vision HDR  


LG 4K TV, 4K


UltraFlix $1.00 to $10.00 each rental 4K streaming rentals Biggest library available in 4K HD, comprising movies, documentaries, and concerts.  

4K Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast Ultra, or Compatible 4K TV.

Ultra HD Blu-ray player $75.00 to $400.00 Physical 4K movie player Largely movies; Amazon only has almost 2,000 titles programmed as Blu-ray Ultra HD 4K Compatible 4K TV
PlayStation 4 Pro $319.00 4K gaming system movies, Games, and much more; does not support Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray yet; contains HDR Compatible 4K TV
Netflix $17.99 per month 4K streaming service Several popular Netflix Originals available in 4K HD Compatible 4K Roku, 4K TV, Chromecast Ultra, Amazon Fire.
iTunes Fluctuates with title 4K streaming and rentals iTunes by design upgrades your acquisitions to 4K; check the library to see if you see any available compatible 4K TV, Apple TV 4K
Hulu Starts at $5.99 per month 4K streaming service Various major Hulu Original series are accessible in 4K Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, Pro compatible 4K TV
Fandango Now Purchases: $20.00 to $25.00;

Rentals: $6.00

4K streaming rentals Combined with M-GO; movies only Compatible4K Roku, 4K TV
DISH $59.99 to $89.99 per month* 4K satellite service Maximum 4K is on-demand or via Netflix integration compatible 4K TV, Hopper 3
DIRECTV $64.99 to $124.99 per month 4K satellite service DIRECTV has a devoted 4K channel compatible 4K TV, Genie HR 54
Amazon Prime $119.00 per annum for Prime membership 4K streaming rentals or services A couple of Amazon Original Series are available  in 4K HD 4K Roku, Compatible 4K TV, Chromecast Ultra, or Amazon Fire




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