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Artificial Intelligence: What It Is, Why It Is So Perspective and How It Can Be Used

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Artificial Intelligence: What It Is, Why It Is So Perspective and How It Can Be Used

Artificial intelligence, which used to exist only in fantasy movies, is actively penetrating many areas of life. Technologies based on artificial intelligence have been actively used in recent years both in the field of entertainment, such as classic card games, which are abundantly represented on sites like NationalCasino.com/de/Casino/blackjack and in business, especially in its automation. We should also not forget about the economy and the growing job market. In this article, we will explain how artificial intelligence works and is used in business.

What Is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in the broad sense is a branch of science to develop analytical systems capable of learning and solving complex problems. In a narrow sense, it is technology based on teaching a computer to human thinking.

Our brains work by the complex interaction of billions of neurons, this analogy is used to create artificial neural networks. AI-based computer systems can understand and synthesize speech, make decisions, and act. But artificial intelligence doesn’t just execute given algorithms, it learns as information comes in.

AI technologies are used in modern smartphones, smart homes, medicine, education, and various business sectors. But these technologies cannot fully replace humans: AI does not have the same multitasking capability as the human mind.

Another important difference between AI and natural intelligence is that human thinking is always related to personality traits and emotions. Decisions and actions of computer networks have no emotional connotations and are based only on the results of information processing.

Types of AI

There are 4 main types of artificial intelligence:

  • Weak AI

To date, this is the main type of AI. It’s not able to accumulate and use experience, it’s created for one task and can’t perform additional functions. An example of this type of artificial intelligence is the Fraud Detector online fraud protection system. The program instantly calculates suspicious actions of users on the sites of banks, online stores.

  • AI With Limited Memory

Is able to memorize fragments of data and use them to analyze the current situation. The accumulated experience is not stored in memory and is not compiled with other information. An example of such AI is unmanned driving. It tracks the speed and directions of other cars over a period of time to decide whether to change lanes.

  • Strong AI

Such machines must capture the thoughts and motivations of people, have social and emotional intelligence to interact with humans. But strong AI does not yet exist in reality, only in movies – for example, in Star Wars. But there is already a semblance of them – the virtual assistants Siri and Alice, who are trained in human communication patterns.

  • Superintelligence

The final stage is the development of artificial intelligence, which will be able to surpass humans in all aspects. The emergence of this level of systems will be possible when scientists fully study and model the system of functioning of the human mind.

How Artificial Intelligence Works

To better understand how artificial intelligence works, it is worthwhile to understand its technology:

Machine Learning

A section of AI science about a computer performing tasks on its own. Machine learning systems are capable of processing large amounts of information, recognizing patterns, and making predictions on their own. They are used in areas where you need to make inferences based on huge amounts of data: face, speech, and object recognition.

Deep Learning

This is a type of machine learning for solving problems based on pre-prepared data. It requires providing a large body of raw information and adjusting a huge number of parameters to process it correctly. Deep learning networks are used in search engines, for handwriting and image recognition, fraud, and spam detection. The most popular deep learning method is artificial neural networks. They are very similar to the way the brain works: they process incoming signals and convert them into data to solve the tasks at hand.

Synthesized Speech

The computer’s ability to understand and generate human speech is used to create virtual assistants (Google Assistant, Alice, Siri), business automation (telephony, analytics systems), in medicine (data input into electronic patient records).

Spheres of Artificial Intelligence Usage in Business

AI is becoming increasingly widespread in different spheres of business. Computer vision and facial recognition systems help companies solve several tasks at once. For example, smart video surveillance is capable of detecting theft attempts and reducing losses from shoplifting.

Speech recognition technology makes it possible to develop digital products for marketers. For example, chatbots, voice assistants, spam filters, and systems for handling customer inquiries and feedback. Speech recognition systems save operators time processing standard requests and help improve service. 

The Challenges of AI

Despite the rapid growth of technology, there are a number of problems associated with the development of artificial intelligence:

  • The essence of artificial intelligence is dealing with vast amounts of data. If there are inaccuracies or errors in the original information, it will affect the final result.
  • AI programs are highly specialized and at the moment are not able to work in the same multitasking that humans are capable of.
  • Smart systems require serious financial resources to operate. Only highly qualified specialists can maintain and configure them, and the equipment also costs a lot.


Artificial Intelligence is actively being implemented by large companies, and it will take over all new areas. This will manifest itself in the automation of processes, optimization of budgets and will bring service to a higher quality level. AI technologies are not only expensive systems for corporations, there are solutions for small and medium businesses. For example, programs for marketing and market analysis.

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