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First-Ever SXSW Performance on Blockchain Will Be a Dolly Parton Livestream

Dolly Parton – Legendary musical artist Dolly Parton plans to live-stream ‘Dollyverse‘. It’s expected to be the first SXSW performance to ever happen on the blockchain.

While many people are still just learning about blockchain technology when they hear about current crypto prices, the technology has also resulted in things like NFTs and now live musical performances.

Parton has two upcoming artistic releases. One is an original novel she co-wrote with James Patterson, himself a best-selling writer. Its title is “Run, Rose, Run”. There will also be a companion music album.

To celebrate both, Parton has partnered up with the Blockchain Creative Labs of Fox Entertainment for the launch of “Dollyverse”. It’s designed to be an audience-focused experience via Web3 at next week’s South by Southwest Conference and Festivals.

March 18th will mark Parton’s first-time SXSW appearance. She will also talk with Patterson about the broader project at Moody Theater for Austin City Limits. This conversation is scheduled to be moderated by Connie Britton, who has been nominated for both Golden Globe and Emmy Awards for her work in “Friday Night Lights”, “Nashville”, and “The White Lotus”.

Just following the conversation, Parton will perform live songs from her many career hits and selections from the upcoming album. The Brothers Moor, Electra Mustaine, Callie Twisselman, and Kovic are all expected to open for the event which will be streamed for free and live by Eluvio, who is also behind NFT sales for “Dollyverse”.

As part of the “Dollyverse” roll-out, there will be exclusive Dolly NFT collectibles released. These certified and official NFTs will include limited-edition versions of the album as well as a limited run of NFT artwork inspired by Dolly. These will be available during SXSW and afterward. Those attending Parton’s performance in person can get free NFTs. Streaming fans can get tokens to authenticate their own event participation.

Parton claims that nothing matters to her more than connecting with fans, and she also says she loves trying new and different things. She claims the combination of her first-time SXSW appearance, releasing NFTs, and having James Patterson with her is definitely unlike anything she’s ever done before.

Danny Nozell is Dolly Parton’s manager, and he says she’s at the top of her game once more. Nozell says that she always tries to use new music to connect people with their gifts.

“Run, Rose, Run” was on the market as of March 7th. The book is set in the city of Nashville and is being published by Little Brown and Company. The story is about a young woman that comes to the capital city of country music as she tries to make her own dreams of making music come true.

Parton’s Austin City Limits performance was scheduled to be for those with SXSW badge holders but only for those that showed up first, given limits in the venue capacity.

Dolly Parton’s musical career has spanned multiple decades and generations. She’s also done a fair amount of acting work over her career. She’s also the namesake behind Dollywood, an amusement park in eastern Tennessee.

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