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What is a Good Enough Internet Speed for Gaming?

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Internet Speed for Gaming

Internet Speed for Gaming – It’s virtually impossible to think of our lives without the internet these days. It is present in multiple areas of our lives, and it can come in handy for those who are looking for new jobs, news, and entertainment overall. Within the area of entertainment, a very common activity nowadays is online gambling.

However, what speed is good enough when it comes to casino gambling, as, in theory, it should take a handful amount of Mbs in order to load heavy graphics and process live gambling in a satisfactory amount of time, right?

In order to answer this question, we reached out to our gambling expert, Nina Olsendburg, who’s an expert on this subject from Norway and she’ll clarify a few things for us regarding the necessary internet speed for gambling. When asked about the future scenarios for online gambling in the country, she responded the following: «Det er allerede nok high-end alternativer når det gjelder betting sider norge i dag. Hvis vi ser nærmere på fremtiden, har ting en tendens til å bli enda bedre, ettersom tallene viser at det vil være enda mer aktive spillere som vil spille ofte. Dette scenariet skaper et ganske ideelt bilde for forbedringer i brukervennlighet og generell utvikling av kasinoene som vil kunne tilby en enda bedre service generelt.»

If we think about it this way, then our expert is more than right, as the tendency is that the overall scenario will, indeed, change for the better in the near future in Norway, and in the rest of the world.

Still curious about the average necessary internet speed for a calm, comfortable gambling experience? Well, ask no more, as we’ll get you covered. Let’s find out more details about this intriguing and curious subject, shall we?

Average necessary internet speed for online gambling

At this point, a fair share of people out there has at least heard about online gambling, with another significant sum having played and enjoyed the online experience provided by these platforms.

However, if the player’s connection speed isn’t that good, this alone may have a significant impact on the overall experience, as not only will the user face lag-related issues, but this can also cost money, which is something we want to avoid at all costs. Well, first and foremost, it is important to clarify that there are two different speeds on a connection, and these are download and upload speeds.

The download speed is the speed available to download the required data from the online casino website to your device – be it mobile or Desktop. This includes basically the website loading features, and in-game features, figures, actions, and icons that will eventually show up on your screen during your period of fun at an online casino.

The upload speed does the opposite, as it will basically send your data to the casino server so that every action you perform while gambling will be transmitted to the casino provider, and thus, counted. With that said, we took some of the most famous casino games out there in order to test and tell you what is the minimum internet speed where you’ll be able to have a satisfactory gambling experience on the best providers out there. Some of the tested games included the following:

  • Book of Ra
  • Starburst
  • Indiana’s quest
  • Medallion

Among the entire list, the one that presented the highest internet consumption was Indiana’s quest game, as during approximately 15 minutes of play, consumption was up to 25 Mb of download and 30 Mb of upload speeds respectively.

On average, each minute required 1.7 Mb (30 kbps) of download and 2 Mb (35 kbps) of upload. We can, thus, conclude that a 2 Mbps connection is more than enough, as it offers approximately 250 kbps of download and 50 kbps of upload that would be able to supply a satisfactory speed for online gambling.

Final Words

Internet Speed for Gaming

To sum things up, with an internet speed of about 2 Mbits overall you can play at any online casino very comfortably. Just make sure that you’re within your wi-fi range if you’re going wireless and enjoy the ride!

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