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6 Ways VoIP Can Save You Money or Lower Business Costs

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Whether to improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, or just to save money, organizations don’t always have the opportunity to do all three at once. But with the advancement of technology and the best VOIP phone provider, this has become possible and that’s exactly what a modern phone system can do with VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol.

This technology helps you send voice information digitally using the same networks that you already use for the Internet in bypassing conventional phone lines. VoIP also helps with reducing call costs, not only for regular calls but also for international calls.

6 Ways VoIP Can Save You Money or Lower Business Costs

As of now, many businesses have already switched for VoIP but there are still many that aren’t confident enough about the benefits of VoIP technology. Below, you’ll find ways VoIP can save your money or lower business costs for your company or organization.

1. VoIP comes with easy mobility and regular updates

VoIP works in any location regardless of you being inside or outside your workplace. The only thing you require is an IP connection within your current location. The modern phone system with VoIP automatically recognizes and establishes the connection and employees can proceed with their calls. However, in the case of the traditional telephone system, employees are bound to their work-desks for answering important telephone calls. This is due to traditional telephonic systems that are previously designed to be rerouted manually by employees with respect to their location at the moment.

Nowadays, regular updates are there for a VoIP phone system provided by various service providers. These upgrades come with a lot of new and advanced features such as call parking, fixing any minor bugs or issues, etc.

2.  Reduction in costs for international or overseas calling

The potential cost savings is one deciding factor for every company. So, it is in the nature of businesses to continually seek out ways to reduce operational costs in order to remain competitive. VoIP helps companies and organizations to reduce their costs by offering significantly normal or local charges even on international calls.

Since the technology framework of VoIP is designed to make phone calls over the Internet rather than the traditional telephone lines, it is a much cheaper option for the company. This is especially beneficial for those companies and organizations that make a lot of outbound calls whether it is domestic or international. By using modern phone systems enabled with VoIP, companies can see a significant reduction in their phone bills.

3. Advanced features completely free

VoIP also comes with loads of advanced features which are completely free and usage is endless at no additional cost.  Previously with a conventional phone system, companies used to pay probably more for features such as voicemail, call transfer, automated attendance at the conference calls, etc.  The calls were expensive previously since these features were there to improve efficiency in the workplace. Moreover, to build a professional image of the company in front of the clients or customers on the calls.

This makes VoIP a great option for smaller businesses as it allows them easy access to this technology and the features are completely free. But not in the case of a conventional phone system. This particularly helps small businesses compete with larger companies without spending additional costs.

4. Easy maintenance of this technology

Currently, all VoIP technologies are running on various cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure etc. to terminate any hardware malfunction or network issues on the server side. It also allows for easy maintenance. This significantly helps companies in saving costs which were not possible in the case of the traditional telephone systems. Since in the case of telephone systems, there are higher chances of hardware failure or malfunction.

Moreover, to fix those errors, the downtime for maintenance costs up to thousands of dollars to companies. Furthermore, the repair and restoration are done manually by hiring some technicians which can remain very costly. Cloud platforms, on the other hand, have their own support and technical staff that takes care of all the functioning of the servers and various technical issues that might occur.

5. Great fit for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professionals who work from home cannot rely on a simple telephone system for communication. This is due to their clients being located in different parts of the world and working across different time zones. The telephone system can be very expensive, especially for international calling. Moreover, a lot of these professionals may not be able to keep up with the costs.

But with the onset of VoIP technology, they can easily do international calling and call forwarding, voice mail, etc. at the domestic price which makes it economical and affordable.

6. Customly designed for B.P.O. and Tech Support Industries

In various call centers, B.P.O and tech support industries, telephonic systems used heavily. However, those were quite expensive due to manual installation and configuration for each system by the technician. Moreover, for features such as call parking or call forwarding, etc. extra charges were there for each feature.

Now, with VoIP, all configurations and installations can remain done individually from online dashboards. This makes it easy for companies to add new installations without any efforts and manual configurations. Many service providers also provide VoIP communication suites specifically designed and engineered for call centers or customer care companies.

This helps in creating virtual offices very fast as compared to the manual telephonic installation which consumes a lot of time and manpower.


VoIP with modern phone devices is truly a great and beneficial technology for every company whether big or small. VoIP plays a significant role in reducing costs for installation, setup, and maintenance in comparison with conventional telephones. Moreover, professionals are starting to use VoIP enabled modern phone systems in any given location. In addition, this is cheaper to connect with other professionals including clients. And businesses from the other side of the world. What’s great is that VoIP technology comes with various features. This includes call parking, call conferencing, etc. with regular updates completely free at no other costs.

To conclude, the benefits that businesses will get by adapting this technology is tremendous and will be very much beneficial for reducing your business costs. Moreover, many small businesses and companies are starting to realize the power of VoIP over traditional telephone systems for increasing their growth.

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