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Security Tips: Wi-Fi Vs Mobile Data

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As we live in a digitalized era, we need to evaluate security measures to protect some data. There is high-tech, and your information could be circulating from one place to another without your knowledge due to ignorance. One area a person must be keen enough is open Wi-Fi networks.  

Imagine that you pay someone to do your homework and send this payment using a public Wi-Fi network. How safe is your card data in this case? Or you trying to send confidential messages. It can be tricky whether to do it via mobile data or through Wi-Fi. It is a matter of privacy and security involved.

Privacy and Security

The terms security and privacy tend to confuse some people. The two terms are distinct in their ways. Other connections are private, others are secure, others apply to both terms, and others do not fit on any terms. Let us differentiate the two terms below


Privacy means that whatever you are doing, it can be accessed with other users within the network. A good example is a website or application you use on your device. But you must understand the terms and conditions of the app, website, and those of the service providers. Get to know the details of the apps and websites under privacy first.

Why do you need to understand the terms and conditions first? The idea is that you can’t perform some actions on the website if they are on private terms. 

You probably have come across a website or an application requesting you to access your data when you want to do something meaningful. However, it would help if you took some precautions to understand who can access our data, why they need access, and what they can do with your information. 


Security, on the other hand, implies that those outside your network can access it. A good example of security measures is the case of hackers. But then, to stay secure, you must know the forms of connections you are using. 

In regards to the type of information you are handling, security measures are vital in every aspect. For example, strong security measures are needed when updating on matters concerning your transaction details. But if you search for information such as celebrity news, you can use a less secure connection. 

Mobile Connections

In mobile connections, there are two forms of internet connections, which functions the same way. The difference comes in on who can view your actions while connected to either Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Wi-Fi- When using Wi-Fi, it is the modem that creates a network via the service provider. It is a wireless form of internet connection formed by the router. In such a case, the internet service provider has access to almost everything you do on online platforms. 

Mobile Data

Whatever takes place when using Wi-Fi is the same one that takes place when using mobile data. The only difference is that mobile data use mobile service providers’ signals, unlike Wi-Fi, which uses Internet service providers.


Whether we like it or not, security measures and privacy plans must be put in place to stay safe in the streets of digitalization. You might never know who has access to your data and what damage they can cause. Always read privacy terms and conditions when using different websites and applications to stay safe.  


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