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What is Microsoft Sharepoint And Resources Available For Sharepoint?

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What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web browser-based content management system and a web application platform designed to help companies create websites. moreover, Developed by Microsoft, SharePoint serves as a secure and collaborative space or a business information portal to store, organize, and share documents and files.

However, Information can access from any device with a web browser. Businesses can configure SharePoint to run on an intranet portal, extranet portal, and various websites.Learn more about how to migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online and SharePoint on Azure Migration.

In other words, SharePoint is a centralized, protected platform where groups can collaborate, optimize data management, and improve efficiency.

SharePoint includes the following:

  • Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) – Offers basic features and content services
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) – Offers additional functionality to the underlying WSS layer and solutions for the end-user to react to the repository and storage location.
  • Microsoft Search Server – Similarly, Serves as a business search engine for advanced indexing and search capabilities.

Microsoft has the following SharePoint Products and Technologies:

  • SharePoint Online: Offers a cloud service hosted by Microsoft; Businesses can subscribe to Office 365 to create a shareable custom site
  • SharePoint Foundation – Serves as the core technology for SharePoint sites
  • The SharePoint Server – Includes features and capabilities for onsite management and deployment
  • SharePoint Designer – Designs, creates, and customizes SharePoint websites, web pages, and workflow solutions; Sites can range from a content management system for a small project management team to a dashboard-operated portal for a large company.
  • SharePoint Workspace – Disconnect content from the network to collaborate offline, and changes sync across the SharePoint site.
  • SkyDrive Pro folder sync: sync offline versions of a SharePoint site to a desktop folder

Teams can run SharePoint by logging into Office 365 and accessing SharePoint entry points.

Coworkers can participate in conversations and view updated activities by accessing Newsfeed.

However, SkyDrive Pro is a personal document library for coworkers who can share with team members and accessible from a mobile device. By accessing the sites, coworkers can locate, access, track, and create sites. Coworkers can access the settings for more actions and personalize the sites.

What Learning Resources are available for SharePoint?

Microsoft offers the following online training resources for SharePoint:

  • The SharePoint Online Technical Center for IT Professionals at TechNet.Microsoft.com offers resources and training to deploy SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server on-site. Technicians can learn about SharePoint updates and services, including installations, migrations, and features.
  • SharePoint for Software Developers at MSDN.Microsoft.com offers SharePoint 2013 training modules covering developer tools, workflow changes, web content management, social features, and various mobile apps and more. Developers can also consult the developer center and download documentation on new features, updated content, summaries, tutorials, and application programming interface (API) references.
  • Office.Microsoft.com technical support offers video training courses. SharePoint Office tutorials include training videos for beginners and intermediate users. For example, download “Customize your public website” to learn how to synchronize SkyDrive Pro and SharePoint Libraries on your computer with an Office 365 subscription and Office 2013 applications. Other video training courses are “Create and customize pages on your public website “and” Organize and configure a SharePoint library. “
  • Office.Microsoft.com SharePoint serves as a guide to everything you need to know about SharePoint, including planning for SharePoint Online and Office 365. You can also learn about the Yammer enterprise social network and SharePoint applications for additional options.



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