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Key Features of Cyber Security Resilience

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Strong cyber resilience helps ensure your business is ready for just about any computing and internet threat facing your network, including cybercrime and more, that can result in a loss of data as well as a decrease in productivity for your company.

In fact, cyber security resilience can be viewed as a protective tactic whose intention is to secure your business as a whole, especially the vulnerable parts, from such threats while also preparing for the swift recovery in the event of a cyberattack, which it does in the following key ways:

Threat Protection

The advancement of technology also brings with it evolved security risks and vulnerabilities that threaten your data and networks; therefore, businesses need to prepare themselves for various types of threats, which can be done by incorporating a trio of technology, procedures, and employee training.


One way to safeguard your company’s information and systems is to utilize EDS (Endpoint Detection and Response) technology that allows you to keep constant watch over your company’s network security risk, software, data, and applications and swiftly detect threats and address them.


As another layer of protection, your company’s procedures also need to be designed and incorporated to strengthen cyber resilience.

A well-designed plan helps lower risk while also preserving your organization’s culture, so it is also convenient.

Employee Training

Uninformed employees also pose a threat to your business’s security due to their actions, which makes them vulnerable to attacks. However, training your employees in everything pertaining to cyber resilience will help increase their awareness as well as your company’s strength against intrusions.


Should your business ever encounter a cyberattack, your ability to bounce back will depend on your recoverability efforts.

One way to help ensure your company quickly recovers after an attack is to back up all data on another system, which will enable you to restore any information that has been expunged from your existing system.

Having your organization well-prepped in what to do in case of a cyberattack, such as with practice drills, will also help your business recover fast.


Hacking tactics are constantly evolving; therefore, your organization’s security measures need to be ever-evolving too.

Having a security team on hand that can instantly identify threats also helps you stay on top of growing security risks, so you can quickly respond to them.


Your organization’s durability will also determine your ability to effectively resume business following a breach of security. Therefore, you should also continuously look for ways to improve your company’s durability, which can be done with improvements to your system, frequent reports, and updates.

How to Approach Cyber Resilience

Pinpoint Risks

To cover all aspects of cybersecurity, you need to first begin with a risk assessment to pinpoint organizational weaknesses.

All the employees in your company should also be involved so that everyone comprehends the weak points of the workplace.

Risk Management

Prioritizing your organization’s risks can also help your better manage them. Therefore, consider the likelihood of various events occurring, as well as how they will affect your company, to help determine which ones are most important to focus on.

Cost Management

Investing in resources that help lower the chance of risks occurring, such as cyber resilience insurance and employee awareness training, helps you control your costs, which also helps increase your company’s resilience to cyber threats.

Overall, cyber security resilience helps enhance all features of your business, from your computer network to your work environment and even your supplier and client relationships, while also helping to reduce financial losses.

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