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Human Computers Write For Us

Human Computers Write For Us

Human computers refer to individuals who manually performed complex calculations and mathematical tasks before the advent of electronic computers. In the early days of computing, before the development of electronic machines, calculations were often done by hand, and human computers played a vital role in various fields, such as astronomy, physics, engineering, and mathematics.

Here’s some information about human computers:

Role and Contributions: Human computers performed calculations and mathematical analysis using paper, pencil, and mathematical tables. They tackled complex equations, performed numerical calculations, and conducted data analysis. Their work was critical in astronomy, where they computed celestial positions and trajectories. They also played a significant role in scientific research, engineering projects, and the development of mathematical models.

Notable Examples: One prominent example of human computers comes from the history of NASA. In the space program’s early years, African-American women known as the “Hidden Figures” worked as human computers. Their contributions were instrumental in calculating and verifying the trajectories for space missions, including the Mercury and Apollo missions. Their work was recognized and celebrated for its accuracy and significance.

Transition to Electronic Computers: With the advent of electronic computers in the mid-20th century, the role of human computers diminished. Electronic machines could perform calculations faster, more accurately, and handle larger volumes of data. The development of computers revolutionized computation and brought about advancements in various scientific and technological fields.

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