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Is a Dedicated Conference Line Right For Your Business?

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Communication is key to the success story of every business. Having a centralized system of communicating with the various departments or branches allows you to keep track of your business operations. This way, you can stay ahead and make changes where necessary to improve productivity and efficiency.

However, it begins with setting up the right infrastructure to ensure effortless and clear communication. In recent times, with minimal physical meetings, conference calls would be a better option to communicate and hold business meetings. Thus, it would be best to improve your internet service through a dedicated conference line.

Dedicated lines reserve a fixed bandwidth between two locations and help link businesses to the internet. Dedicated lines can also connect local area networks to form a vast area network that allows easy data transfer among your departments. Here are a few ways through which your business can benefit from dedicated lines.


A dedicated conference line has a fixed bandwidth that is only reserved for the subscriber. This means that you have access to a fast internet connection and unlimited bandwidth at all times. Thus, you can avoid slow connection, especially during peak times when internet usage is high.

Consistency means that you have unlimited access to internet resources to perform your business tasks. You can handle VoIP calls and video conference calls to keep up with your business’s international branches or offices and maintain constant communication.

Fast Speeds

The other good thing about dedicated lines is that they offer extra speeds compared to standard internet services. This is mainly because the reserved bandwidth is only meant for your business, and you don’t have to compete for bandwidth with other subscribers. To establish a dedicated line, a private fiber-optic cable runs directly to your business premises, thus providing your business with a private bandwidth connection.

Besides having a private connection solely reserved for your business, dedicated lines are fat since they utilize fiber optic technology. The rate of transmission in optic cables plus reserved bandwidth ensures that your company has a fast and reliable internet connection to handle data transfer and conferencing.

Increased Security

You don’t have to worry about unauthorized parties listening in on your calls and private conference meetings. Dedicated lines provide private web access for your business, which ensures your data and devices’ security.

Since most of your business’s data transfer to and fro the internet is private, it reduces the chances of losing your critical data to hackers. If your business operations are cloud-based, then it would mean that your data is always at risk of being intercepted by a hacker during transmission to and fro cloud servers. Dedicated lines for cloud-based businesses ensure the protection of your critical data’s security and integrity.

Less Downtime

If your business relies heavily on the internet to carry out its operations, you need a smooth internet connection without downtime. A private connection allows you to report issues and have them fixed fast to get your business up and running.

Dedicated lines are made to handle heavy traffic, making them convenient for video conferencing and VoIP calls. They are also made to handle heavy data transfers between offices or various departments in your office. Thus, it would be wise to invest in dedicated lines to ensure constant communication and smooth running of your business operations.

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