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Role of an Azure Solution Architect

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Azure Solutions Architect

Azure Solution

Microsoft Azure is considered a cloud computing service for Microsoft data centers to test, develop, deploy, and manage services and applications. In the current business scenario, it is the quickest growing cloud provider. The cloud services offered by Azure are Service software (SaaS), Service platform (PaaS), and Service infrastructure (IaaS). Azure supports various programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

What is Cloud Computing, in Simple Terms?

Cloud Computing offers on-demand computing resources, usually across the Internet and on an on-site basis – from Software to storage and processing power.

How does Cloud Computing work? 

The business can rent access to anything from Software to storage from a cloud service provider rather than its computing infrastructure or data centers. One of the advantages of using cloud computing services is that businesses can avoid the expense and difficulty of buying, managing, and paying for their own IT infrastructures when they use it.

Microsoft Azure – What is it?

Previously known as Windows Azure, Microsoft Azure is the public cloud computing platform of Microsoft. It offers various cloud services, including computing, analytical, storage, and networking services. Users may choose new applications from these services or run existing public cloud applications to build and scale them.

The Azure Platform is designed to enable organizations to achieve their business challenges and objectives. It is compatible with open-source technology, provides tools for serving all sectors — including e-commerce, finance, and numerous Fortune 500 businesses.

Azure – Dates back

First, Microsoft released its plans in 2008 for the introduction of a Windows Azure cloud computing service. Preview versions of the service were made available, and Microsoft released it at the beginning of 2010. Early perceptual distortions of Azure cloud services were down behind more established services – such as AWS – but a broader base of languages, platforms, and operational systems was further built and sponsored by the portfolio. By early 2014, the implications of cloud computing were recognized by Microsoft that went far beyond Windows, and Microsoft renamed the cloud computing service, Microsoft Azure.

Want to know who is Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect?

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architects have a detailed understanding of how solutions can be designed and implemented on Azure. Network, encryption, and storage expertise is also a must.

You may expect the position of a Solutions Architect as a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect. If you want to become an Azure Certified Solutions Architect, qualifying AZ-300 (Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies) and AZ-301 (Microsoft Azure Architect Design) exams are required because these are expert-level credentials.

A Solution Architect is a person who leads the practice and provides the technical vision of a solution in general. You will better fill these credential criteria if you’re someone who advises stakeholders and turns business needs into secure, effective, and scalable solutions. It’s because these are going to help you become ready for industry. You will need to have advanced knowledge and experience across different IT operations like virtualization, networking, and security. You need to know how to handle decision-making in any field concerned to serve as Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect.

This role involves consulting stakeholders and transforming business needs into stable, scalable, and efficient cloud solutions. An Azure Solution Architect associates with cloud managers, cloud DBAs, and customers to deploy solutions.

Azure Solutions Architect Salary

Now that you know what topics you need to study, you might be wondering what the Azure Solutions Architect’s salary is? As a result, initially, their salaries start at US$90,250 per annum, and an experienced Azure Solutions Architect, with an experience of 10-19 years, can gain an average of US$115,500 per annum. Employees are earning an estimated amount of US$210,000 a year in their late careers (20 years and older).

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Must-have Skills

  • Outstanding communication skills: Communication is an integral part of the solution architect’s competence. Given that this position includes negotiations with stakeholders, recognizing the need for all, managing risks, and distributing goods, failure to communicate may create a real bottleneck. The job requires close collaboration with the company and software architects, company analysts, and project teams. An experienced solution architect should also be able to listen, advise, understand, and explain.
  • Profound analytical ability: To create a solution requires an understanding of how various business components interact. The architect must understand its strategy and carry out all business processes that determine how a company achieves its strategic goals. But the architect still needs to consider technical details. It means that solution architects continually deal with research and switch between different business levels.
  • Competencies in project and resource management: Although an architect does not engage actively in project management, time constraints and resources are inevitable. In this particular case, solution architects must be able to determine what solutions are valuable and useless. They should concentrate on business outcomes and understand how they can accomplish in compliance with timeframes and resources. Smartsheet project management tool that supports features similar to those of Smartsheet.

How to become an Azure Solution Architect?

Applicants for the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification should design and implement solutions running on Microsoft Azure, including computing, network, storage, and security aspects. Candidates should be able to administer Azure at mid-level. Applicant should know Azure architecture and DevOps processes.

An applicant for this credential should obtain the best knowledge and experience in IT operations, including networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, data platforms, budgets, and governance.

You are still worrying about how to become a certified Azure Solutions Architect? I suggest that you consider a popular online course provider on Azure Solutions Architect certification. Either you can learn in a self-styling mode according to your level, or you can know in an instructor-led training mode that allows you to thoroughly learn topics by a trained instructor in-depth with live training.


Microsoft Azure has developed rapidly and will improve new features and services further. Master the skills required to build solutions for the leading cloud provider. The grip on computing, network, storage, and security knowledge is a must for Microsoft Azure Solution Architect. You must understand how you can prepare strategies to meet your business needs to succeed in this position.


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