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5 Things That Will Help You Upgrade Your Video Streaming Business

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5 Things That Will Help You Upgrade Your Video Streaming Business

The video streaming business is competitive, and content providers constantly take measures to stay in the game. They can focus on enhancing their content or improving marketing campaigns. These two approaches are excellent, but many forget about another aspect of the video streaming business that influences its success. That is technology.

Technology is constantly evolving, bringing new capabilities to businesses and viewers. New features can provide a better quality of experience for your customers, turning them into regular users.

Quality of experience is a measurement of customer satisfaction level. It is simple: when customers are totally satisfied with your service, they return for a similar experience. Otherwise, they never come back. However, they can be fine with what they get on your platform but leave when a better one turns up.

The right solution for video streaming can help you level up the experience people get on your platform. Let’s observe what you can enhance with the help of software.

Five Things That Will Help You Upgrade Your Video Streaming Business

The following things can help you move your business forward:

#1 Applications for all devices

If you don’t provide applications for multiple platforms, you should at least think about it. One of the most significant things about online streaming is that it can be available across all devices. Some content providers introduce limitations, such as the ability to access the service only on Smart TVs or smartphones. This leads to people spending less time on your service and having fewer opportunities to access it.

When you opt for application development, you bring more convenience to your audience. Viewers get more opportunities to stream your content whenever they want, regardless of their location or gadget.

Many people watch videos during lunch breaks at work or while having a good time at a cafe or on the go. It means that they would want to consume your videos on mobile phones or tablets. Instead, viewers will find another platform to watch videos on, and you have given your customers to your competitors.

Providing multi-platform functionality leads to avoiding this situation.

#2 CDN solutions

Probably, you have been already using a CDN (content delivery network) in your video streaming business. But do you use its full potential? Maybe, it is time to scale.

CDN solutions are capable of delivering your content anywhere, giving you an opportunity to reach people from all over the world. Consequently, the more viewers you can reach and turn into customers, the more revenue you generate.

#3 Adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR)

Adaptive bitrate streaming helps you ensure that your viewers get an uninterrupted viewing experience. It requires particular infrastructure, such as an encoder and transcoder, but the result is great.

ABR is about adjusting the quality of a video to network conditions on the user side. For example, the user is on the go, and an Internet connection is unstable because of it. In this case, the video picture will be of high quality when the connection is strong. When the connection drops, the quality will be lowered.

#4 A recommendation engine

A recommendation engine can be especially effective for platforms with large content libraries. They add interactivity and personalization experience to your viewers.

Such an engine analyzes a user’s viewing history and provides recommendations based on the results. It shows videos similar to those a viewer has already watched. It helps engage your audience with the service even more.

A recommendation engine can upgrade your platform significantly, providing viewers with a more high-quality experience.

#5 Analytics

Another way to upgrade your service is constantly tracking analytics. It shows your service from different perspectives: technical performance, viewers’ behavior, conversions, and so on.

One of the most crucial things about analytics is that it reveals your weaknesses and strengths. You understand what content people prefer the most and who your viewers exactly are. It helps you enhance your content and service.

Drawing the Line

Improving your service is a vital part of a video streaming business. It helps you stay in the competition and provide viewers with a better quality of experience. As a result, you have a loyal user base and can generate more revenue.

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