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4 Reasons to Invest in Employee Monitoring Software

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Despite many raising concerns around the use of monitoring software to track employee activity, particularly with regard to privacy and worker autonomy, businesses around the world are seeing great improvements since adopting such technology. Tracking software development companies have also taken privacy and security concerns to heart, with newer iterations of employee monitoring software actively promoting transparency and safety.

As the world becomes increasing digitised and more employers are having to manage remote teams, the widescale adoption of employee tracking software has become an almost inevitable reality for companies, regardless of in which sector or industry they operate. For businesses still on the fence about whether or not to adopt tracking software, here are four key aspects that make it clear why tracking software is a worthwhile investment.

Accurate data collection

Top-rated employee tracking software seamlessly and automatically gathers accurate data related to employee activities during work hours. This includes monitoring everything from keystrokes and mouse clicks, call lengths, and downtime to how long it takes employees to complete any given task. The accuracy of such data can help businesses better negotiate timeframes for project completion with clients. It also makes it easier to invoice clients correctly, as there is a clearer idea on what resources are used and how much time is taken to complete tasks well.

Effective employee management

By tracking employee activity, it becomes possible to see if and where a specific employee may be having trouble in completing tasks. Such knowledge can enable managers to determine if the employee needs additional training, if the workload is too heavy, or if there is some other factor that is hindering the employee from doing their job well. When managers can better empower their subordinates or find solutions to help them complete their work on time and to the best of their ability, a healthy working environment develops, which further feeds into greater employee productivity and wellbeing.

Counteract time waste

As the adage goes, time is money, and wasted time is wasted money. If employees are spending unnecessary time on tasks that could easily be automated, they have less time to give to the tasks that are actually income-generating for their companies. Similarly, if employees are using work hours to stream shows or engage on social media, that takes time and money away from companies and clients and can result in additional expenses like having to pay overtime in order to ensure projects are completed at deadline. Employee tracking software allows managers to identify time-wasting activities and either put solutions in place to lessen time-wasting tasks, or set boundaries around what non-work-related activities can be undertaken during work hours.

Safety and security

It is possible to flag suspicious worker activity and so prevent employees from stealing valuable company or client information when monitoring software is installed on work computers. Employees also have access to stored communication data that they can use as evidence, should they find themselves being harassed by co-workers, managers, or clients. The adoption of monitoring software can, thus, help to ensure the safety and security of both data and workers, which can promote a positive work culture.

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