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Buyer’s Guide: Essential Features You Need To Know About The Galaxy Buds

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Galaxy Buds

The Galaxy Buds – Almost everything has gone wireless today, and earphones and earbuds are not an exception. The modern market for truly wireless earbuds is pretty competitive today. Most earbuds differ in quality, and some even throw in additional features to make their product more marketable. Without a doubt, the competitive earbuds market can only mean positive things for the consumer.

The Galaxy Buds from Samsung is the company’s rendition of wireless earbuds. It competes against Apple’s Airpods and other wireless earphones on the market. The [Galaxy Buds] are, without a doubt, capable of going up against its competitors. But, what will you actually be getting with a purchase of your own Samsung’s Galaxy buds?

True Wireless Earbuds

The Galaxy buds are Samsung’s rendition of truly wireless earbuds. With this fact, expect not to deal with any wires while using these earbuds. It is pretty safe to say and assume that you will no longer have problems regarding entangled wires and cables. Ever had the experience wherein you pull your earphones from your pockets, and the cables are chaotically entangled with each other? Say goodbye to that with the Galaxy buds!

The Galaxy buds also come in with a stylish design. So, expect that these wireless earbuds can complement your outfit without a problem. You could look at the Galaxy buds the same way as you use your earrings. Only this time, your ear accessory plays your favorite tunes while being stylish at the same time.

It comes in at a mid-level price tag of $129.99. For that price tag, the Galaxy buds will give you Stereo output in Bluetooth connection. It also has two microphones and a battery life of around six hours. So, do not expect this stylish earbud to run out of juice quickly!

Audio Quality

The Galaxy buds from Samsung can perfectly handle any demands of audiophiles out there. These wireless earbuds can produce a crisp and accurate sound quality that all music lovers will appreciate. It is safe to conclude that there won’t be any compromise in audio quality by going with a true wireless option.

These bad boys are tuned and configured by AKG, so expect an exceptional sound signature. Note that this AKG tuning is not standard or native among most earbuds on the market. So, consumers will be getting a unique and premium feature to go with the $129.99 price tag.

Also, expect the same stable sound signature across different genres. You will still be getting a consistent, crisp, and high-quality sound output regardless of the music you are playing. The audio and sound experience of this wireless earbud is genuinely astounding. Users do not even need to turn the volume up as much to hear your music properly.

Battery Life

An issue in today’s wireless earbuds is battery life. Anyone using a wireless pair of earbuds wants something that will not run out of juice after minimal use. Luckily, the Galaxy buds are wireless earbuds that don’t quickly run out of battery or “juice.” It has 13 hours of playtime, so the [Galaxy buds] should typically last the entire day.

The Galaxy buds also have around six hours of charge. You can add an extra seven hours to this six-hour window by adding the charging case. Also, you can stretch the battery life by simply plugging your Galaxy buds for 15 minutes. Plugging your Galaxy buds should give you a good 1.7 hours of additional battery life.

How about Wireless Charging? Well, you can also wirelessly charge your Galaxy buds using the Wireless Powershare found on compatible smartphones. However, if the smartphone that you are using is not compatible with this feature, you can still plug your [Galaxy buds] in using your charging case. Take note that you will need a USB Type-C to plug in your charging case.

Design And Wearability

For the design, Samsung went with a simplistic and minimal design for the Galaxy buds. The [Galaxy buds] feature a solid color design that comprises the entire earbuds. It also has a glossy finish on the earbuds’ outer shell; however, it does not throw off the solid color design in a negative way. The Galaxy buds come in three solid color finishes, which are white, yellow, and black.

It also features a subtle wingtip that should ensure a snug and secure fit. Don’t expect the Galaxy buds to come off with minimal movement. Going wireless should mean that your movements don’t feel restricted, and it is a guarantee with the [Galaxy buds]. You can also opt to match the wingtips to fit your ears perfectly.

The Galaxy buds should stay on your ears while walking, light running, and other daily activities. You could play music or listen to your favorite podcast without the trouble of wired and cabled earphones. These bad boys are genuinely comfortable that you might forget that you have the Galaxy buds on.

Pricing And Other Premium Features

The Galaxy buds have been available on the market since 2019. It was released with a $129.99 price tag and an additional $20 for the Galaxy buds+. Both variations target the premium wireless earbuds market. So, if you are looking for capable wireless earbuds at a premium price, then the [Galaxy buds] should be an excellent option.

The [Galaxy buds] also feature touch controls. Users can use these touch controls to play or pause their music. These touch controls can also serve as a way to skip tracks and answer or reject calls. If you have Bixby on your device, the touch controls can also be a way to launch the program.

Tapping once allows you to play or pause any track. If you tap it twice, it will automatically play the next song on the list. Tapping twice also enables you to answer calls. If you tap thrice, it will automatically play the previous music. Finally, a long-press action will also allow you to reject calls. However, you can change and customize this function using the Samsung Galaxy Wearables App.


You cannot go wrong with the Galaxy buds. It is cheaper than its competitor, the Apple AirPods. The [Galaxy buds] are on par with it in terms of performance. You get the same comfort in enjoying your wireless listening experience.

The same convenient wireless functions also go for answering and rejecting calls. If you are searching for reliable wireless earbuds, then the Galaxy buds are a solid and reliable option that you must consider.

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