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Trending Simulation Games for Your Android

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Simulation games are very popular on Android because they allow you to become a full-fledged manager of any process and create your own worlds. Regardless of the type of game, you can control a football team, create entire amusement parks, build cars, or even manage entire armies. Let’s take a look at the top trending simulation games on Android this year.


AltLife is a real-life simulator, albeit in a simple text format. The audience’s main interest is that you can be responsible for any aspect of your life and make various decisions that will affect further gameplay. There are a certain number of vital parameters. And all the current changes in your life are clearly structured in chronological order. This simulator will be popular among those who want to make informed decisions and see the consequences of their actions.

Animal Crossing

This simulator will be the most popular for those who want to create their own settlement thanks to various interior items, sew clothes, and make friends. This is exactly the simulator that allows you to simulate various things and create interesting situations that you and your friends will like. The only caveat is that this game takes up too much real-time. If you are a student, then you better pay someone to do my homework. This will help you free up a little more time and enjoy the gameplay.

The Escapists 2

This is a very funny pixel style interpretation of prison life. Your character will live in prison. He needs to come up with an escape plan. All routine processes, including daily food, work, and the gym, are up to date in American prisons.
It is a mixture of genres that will help you plunge into adventure and help your character become free. There are also a lot of funny dialogues to enjoy. It is a non-linear game, so you have the ability to create different escape plans and experiments. It is the main element that makes the game popular.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter will appeal to all fans of the Fallout series. This is a 2D game that invites you to become a hideout manager. At your disposal, there are several bunker compartments and survivors that will help you build a solid defense. You have to collect resources, defend against raiders and mutants, and avoid the radiation to hurt none of your wards. This is a very original simulator that has been one of the most popular in the post-apocalyptic genre for over 5 years.

Game Dev Tycoon

It is a very original game developer simulator. You start out as a newbie in your room and gradually have a chance to create a whole game empire. This very realistically shows the process of developing and creating program code. If you are a student and study programming, then this will be especially true for you.
The only downside is that you can be very much involved in the gameplay, which will negatively affect your learning. Maybe you should buy essay online and forget about everyday worries for at least a few evenings. This game has nice graphics and very interesting gameplay that will allow you to dream of a real game developer career.

Mini Metro

This game will appeal to all those who like to explore the subway and build various structures in the games. This simulator will allow you to become a manager who builds new metro lines with trains and various authorities. The gameplay is very interesting and varied so that you won’t get bored. Even though this is a paid game, you should try it. Several modes will appeal to different players. In general, this is a great option to relax after a hard evening and enjoy the creation of complex metro lines for your own city.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

If you love racing, this simulator will help you become the real hangar owner with the best cars. You will also have to create a team that will conquer world tournaments. Take care of various technical aspects so that each car’s Crew can quickly prepare for the races and win the best prizes. You will also have to increase the crew’s level as well as the skills of your repairmen so that no Aspect prevents you from winning the champion title.

Pocket City

This is a real dream for fans of city-building simulator games. Here you can manage your own city and create various industrial areas. Create factories and enterprises that will bring you additional income. This game will help you become a real mayor who can make a strong-willed decision and raise an entire city’s economy. You will also have to put up weather disasters and restore the city’s economy after various troubles. This is a very interesting educational game that will allow you to get a lot of positive emotions.


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