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What Role Does SAP GRC Play in Risk Management?

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Risk management is a serious issue in this new world of cybercrime. Today, nearly 61% of cyberattacks were related to phishing. As hackers and criminals become far more sophisticated, businesses need to have integrated risk management solutions.

SAP Government, Risk, and Compliance (SAP GRC) is one of the best SAP security tools around to ensure your company has high standards of data authorization and data security. If data security is important to your business, check out this guide to learn more about SAP.

How Does SAP GRC Protect Your Business?

Businesses are increasingly discovering that a reactive approach to data security is not sufficient. As GDPR enforcement rises, businesses are paying the price for their lax security measures.

A proactive SAP GRC helps you to identify risks within your business’s security systems. It targets sources of vulnerability before they can be exploited. Finally, SAP GRC can help you put in place the safeguards needed to minimize and eliminate existing security risks.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the most important modules that will help protect your organization.

GRC Process Control

SAP GRC Process Control offers companies a broad overview of their business processes. It allows them to initiate automatic and manual controls for business processes.

With full monitoring, testing, and evaluation functions available, SAP GRC Process Controls provide an easy way for data security experts to pinpoint systems that may be vulnerable to attack.

GRC Process Control also provide full flexibility, so controls may be tightened or loosened as needed.

GRC Access Control

Data access controls are key to remaining compliant with data protection regulations. Access controlsensure employees are provided authorizations only for the tasks they need to perform. Businesses can implement full segregation to limit the potential for employee theft, manipulation, or deletion of critical data.

SAP utilizes access control to allow companies to decidewhich employees should have access based on a pre-defined status, set by the company.This is one of the foundations of data protection. Every regulatory framework in the world advises businesses to never allow all employees to have access to everything.

GRC access control also provides for full user monitoring and tracking in real-time. This turns a reactive security policy into a proactive security policy.

GRC Risk Management

SAP’s dedicated risk management control monitors business deals to find potential legal and/or financial risks.

Through identifying risks early, decision-makers can implement all the necessary safeguards to minimize and eliminate potential sources of vulnerability.


SAP is only a single piece of the data security puzzle. The fact is that businesses need complex security measures if they are going to limit the risk of cybercriminals from turning your organization into a statistic.

Take a proactive approach to data security by implementing SAP controls alongside your existing security measures, including all-inclusive security solutions, such those offered by Pathlock.

If you are ready to find out more about proactive risk management within the field of data security, don’t wait until it’s too late.

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