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Helpful Information about Dealing with FFCC Cleveland You Must Know About

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FFCC – Being chased by a debt collection agency could be disturbing and irritating at the same time. Even if you try your best to ignore them, they have the power to affect your credit scores by lowering them and pose more harm to your banking history. Thus, it’s not just a joke you could take lightly.

Debt collection agencies are a lot to work with. They’re not easy to deal with, but there are numerous ways on how you could get started in removing them from your credit report. You may ask for verification or re-assessment. But, if the debt belonged to you, then you might get sued for it. Keep in mind that if you owe a debt as a business, the laws will be different. The Kaplan Group has a helpful interactive guide to business-to-business debt collection policies in each state.

One of the debt collection agencies based in Ohio is the FFCC Cleveland. To find out more about who they are, what they do, the reasons they are calling you, the things you could do when they contact you, and the like, continue reading down below.

Who is FFCC Cleveland, and What Do They Do?

The FFCC stands for First Federal Credit Control. It is known as a debt collection agency of collection specialists, customized services, and smart collections. What they aim to do is to provide collection services for clients for healthcare and commercial debts. They are legit and were founded in Ohio in 1970.

If FFCC appears on your credit report as a collections account, there is a high chance that you forgot to pay an outstanding bill on your account, which was then the reason why it was forwarded to a debt collector agency. Before paying anything after receiving a call from them, verify first if it’s your to pay since mistakes could also happen in this situation.

Not to mention, if you leave an FFCC collection account unattended, it could pose harm to your credit score, making you ineligible to apply for loans, opening new accounts, and the like. Click Here to learn more about them.

What Do I Have To Do When They Contact Me?

If you have been contacted by First Federal Credit Control (FFCC), be sure you know and understand your rights as a client and how you could defend yourself. Not all collection agencies are always right, and shockingly, FFCC has received some complaints about their service, like failing to verify debts and making false statements.

Verify If It’s Yours

Before sending payment the moment they call you, make sure if it is something you owe. Do not pay for anything that you have no knowledge about. It will not only stress your pockets, but it will be a great loss on your part.

Contact FFCC and ask for verification to review your account and provide evidence that it is something you must be held accountable for. If they can’t, then don’t stress too much about paying it. Rather, ask them to clear it out, for it is not yours to pay for.

Ask Help From a Credit Repair Agency

Credit repair agencies have experts and knowledge in how to effectively handle this kind of situation. Collection agencies like FFCC could affect your credit scores, but this could be prevented with these professionals’ expertise in disputing your case. They could remove accurate negative data from your reports in a legal way, improve your credit and create a new credit identity for you.

Ask for a Negotiation of Pay-For-Delete Agreement

When FFCC collects debt from you, you could negotiate to have a pay-for-delete agreement. In this way, both parties will agree that the debtors will remove all collections from the credit report, but the debtor needs to pay first the due amount. There are instances that it works out, but frequently it will.

Can I sue FFCC if They Harass Me?

If the First Federal Credit Control harasses you, you have every right to sue them. Debt collection harassment comes in many forms. If you experience these situations, try to deal with them accordingly.

  • Receiving multiple calls per week every early morning and late-night
  • The debt collection agency started to contact your other family members and your coworkers about the status of your debt
  • They start to try to intimidate you
  • Threatening of bringing you to court, posing violence, and harm
  • Use of disrespectful language in communicating with their clients
  • Criminal accusation arise towards you
  • Debt collection calls are made even at the place of your work

What is the contact information of FFCC Cleveland?

Stated here is the contact information you could use to reach FFCC:

Mailing Address: 24700 Chagrin Blvd, Suite 205, Cleveland, OH 44122

Company Website: https://www.ffcc.com

Phone Number: (216) 360-2000


It is hard to be debt-free if you also don’t have a stable income. Maybe this is why many people are put into deep debt and have a hard time paying for what they owe. But, it should not mean that you cannot rise from it.

There are numerous ways to rise above problems you face with debt collection agencies. If you find yourself being chased by FFCC, you may refer to this helpful information stated above to guide you about it.

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