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YouTube Shorts: Everything You Need To Know To Grow

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YouTube is taking over the entertainment industry. Not only do we spend hours browsing through our channels, watching videos, and playing games, but there are some specific YouTube “channels” that cater to certain demographics.

The article covers why you should make YouTube Shorts videos, how to make a video go viral, and helpful tips for growing your channel’s following and boosting brand awareness.

YouTube has changed the world of content creation. With no word count or column inches limit, it is an online platform ripe for creativity and discussion. The only limitation you have is the content itself: what will grab someone’s attention and keep them watching?

What are YouTube shorts?

YouTube has transformed from a home of cat videos to an outlet for new voices in media. For many, YouTube is the first step into an entertainment career, but not all YouTube videos are created equal.

The most popular content creators on YouTube are either singers or comedians with millions of subscribers and followers. Nowadays, YouTube is also home to short films, also known as ‘shorts.’ Shorts are typically 1-10 minutes long and are not monetized by ads.

YouTube shorts are short videos that can be uploaded onto YouTube for others to see. They usually provide a funny moment or a life lesson. In general, people use them as a way to vent their frustrations about their day-to-day lives.

As a result, these videos have been increasingly gaining popularity in recent years, making them an increasingly important form of content for brands and viewers alike.

Anyone who watches your YouTube Shorts can share, like, dislike, or subscribe to your channel while continuing to watch them. In addition, the content you post on YouTube doesn’t disappear when you choose to stop posting, unlike other short video apps like Instagram Stories and Snapchat.

What is a Content Creator?

A content creator is someone who creates entertaining or educational material to be expressed through any medium or channel.

Why use YouTube Shorts for video marketing?

When consumers are looking for a product or service, they often turn to YouTube videos. In fact, according to a report, 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube each day! That is more than any other social media site.

So, if you want your business to become more noticeable by the consumer, you should try using Youtube videos for video marketing.

Content creators need to up their video games with regards to marketing. If you’re tired of traditional methods, it may be time to turn to youtube for your next video marketing campaign.

The benefit of these videos is that they are short and fun, with a variety that can cover any topic imaginable. You’ll find yourself craving to watch more and more of them, which will allow your brand to grow in popularity.

Brands can benefit from YouTube shorts in the following ways:

  • Needs less equipment: Shorts can be created with less equipment and less budget. You can make shorts even with your phone. You need not buy fancy cameras or mics to record YouTube Shorts videos.
  • Does not need experts: Shorts can be filmed by you with significantly less knowledge about video marketing. Simple videos of you acting or showing services is enough. You need to spend money on the professionals.
  • Broad reach: There are estimated more than 750 million active users on YouTube, which you can access with the Shorts feature.

Creating YouTube Shorts

You can create a short by tapping the “+” button on the bottom left corner. Then select either “60 seconds” or “1 minute”. Finally, press the record button once to begin recording.

Uploading your videos straight from your phone is easy! You can add music, filters, and text to any video you upload. Use the timer feature to set the length of your video. And if you want to make sure your friends see your new creation, share it on Facebook or Twitter.

What makes YouTube Shorts different from TikTok or Reels like competitors?

As a marketer, seeing all these platforms launching stories and animated tutorial videos might be overwhelming.

But, now that so many are coming out, you may be wondering, “Will YouTube shorts provide more opportunities than Instagram reels or TikTok?” We still don’t know yet, but we think YouTube shorts will be worth watching. Below are a few reasons why:

Better and larger reach

The way we consume video is constantly changing. With the recent introduction of YouTube Shorts, we’re seeing a new form of online video content that provides an easy and economical way for users to create and share videos with the world.

YouTube Shorts is a new video format that allows people to watch their favorite videos in just 15 seconds or less. As the video becomes short and catchy, there are higher chances that more people will engage with your video.

The YouTube shorts are short-time videos that can increase audience reach and create brand awareness. Also, it has given substantial rise to influencer marketing.

Any industry can leverage YouTube Shorts.

Due to the niche focus of TikTok users, some types of brands, such as those involving business-to-business activities, may have a more significant challenge developing awareness worldwide.

While YouTube tends to share the same level of popularity with young adults, there is such a vast amount of content on the platform that it draws in people of all ages, from all backgrounds and walks of life.

YouTube provides a platform where more brands will appeal to broader audiences with Shorts.

B2B brands may have more difficulty connecting with Gen Z consumers on TikTok than with professionals who post videos related to industry-related content on Phrase. Similarly, if you speak directly to an older audience, such as Gen Xers, your short video content is more likely to receive more attention on YouTube than TikTok.

7 Tips of using YouTube Shorts for your brand to grow

Make valuable Shorts

It is not necessary to make random videos to make shorts. However, you need to create valuable and relevant content if you want your subscribers to engage and subscribe to your channel.

Due to the short lengths of the videos, you may want to use hooks to grab viewers’ attention. To effectively market your videos, you need content relevant to your niche. If your video content is not valuable, people will not engage with them.

You should choose the YouTube Shorts relevant to your niche and the content of your post on YouTube. You can also use Shorts for introducing your new product or services, which can raise an emotion of excitement in your viewers.

Use catchy titles

When posting your shorts on YouTube, you must use a title that is relevant to the content of the video. To attract your viewers to watch. Misleading and wrong titles will hamper your growth in YouTube and result in future engagement loss.

Use Custom Thumbnails

Like other YouTube videos, YouTube Shorts have gained more from having thumbnails that are irresistible to entice prospective customers.

You might notice that Shorts are displayed continuously on YouTube if you watch videos rather than play them. So why would I install a video thumbnail since it’s pointless to do so?

You’re right. But perhaps you are overlooking this because YouTube Shorts can also be viewed as a channel’s episodes of a regular video. Consequently, a thumbnail is obligatory if your clip is compelling enough to capture the user’s attention.

Be consistent

You need to post something similar on YouTube, regardless of what content you upload. Staying consistent with your uploads of Shorts will help you attract more viewers to your content, promote brand awareness, and ultimately encourage them to become addicted to your content.

It will enable you to stand out from the competition, make a meaningful impression on YouTube, and, consequently, enhance your chances for word-of-mouth marketing in the long run.

In addition, many of your YouTube audience will share your channels with friends, so you will realize considerable exposure to grateful individuals who will promote your brand for you.

How to monetize YouTube Shorts

If you’re a business or brand owner, you may be thinking, “How can I monetize YouTube Shorts?” That’s because YouTube is a common source of revenue for many types of professionals and brands.

Because YouTube Shorts are shorter than regular YouTube video content, you cannot run an ad on them, making their monetization on YouTube rare.

In response to Shorts being ad-free, YouTube launched the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100 million endowment that anyone can contribute to by creating original Shorts that delight the YouTube community. In addition, YouTube will award creators based on “whose Shorts received the most engagement and views.”

How to use YouTube Shorts to grow

YouTube Shorts are a way to grow your audience by making short, informative tutorial videos that teach people about your product or service. This article will explain how to make YouTube Shorts and what you should consider when doing so.


Source  Building youtube shorts

Less than 40% of companies are currently using short-form video to market products or services. But, you should rush along to keep away from being left behind. So, get creative!

Craft opportunities for your channel’s regular content

Consistently use YouTube Short videos to promote the growth of your central channel. Whenever you post a Short, you have an opportunity to entice a new subscriber or an individual who regularly interacts with your main channel.

Shorts will help you keep YouTube’s algorithm in check, as engagement is a key factor in determining what videos YouTube eventually ranks. Shorts will also increase the number of people who watch your videos.

Showcase raw videos

Some videos do not even need to be composed and polished! Working behind the scenes (BTS) video footage lets your audience sneak a peek behind the scenes of your channel, brand, or product and service.

If your behind-the-scenes footage movies anywhere, here are a few basic ideas to get started with:

  • Company events
  • Product launches
  • Product updates or coming soon
  • Workplace updates, e.g., a renovation

BTS videos can help your reputation as a reliable and authentic brand (a huge plus for your business’s appeal to Gen Z customers) and deepen your clients’ trust. After all, people will buy from people, and demonstrating your brand’s human side by using BTS videos is a great way to connect with your target audience.


Shorts are the amuse-bouche to video marketing content, and the form can be used for teasing the audience about launches. For example, you could use a 30-second short to tease your audience about a forthcoming product release and lead them towards the full video that covers much more and provides a detailed path to the landing.

Make Viral Videos

You can ask your viewers to follow your hashtags and challenge them so that more and more people connect with your brand.

For example, The world-famous K-pop group BTS partnered with YouTube to announce the “Permission to Dance” Challenge and invited audiences across the world to record and share a 15-second version of their run as a way to promote physical activity and healthy living.

The artists wanted people everywhere to partake in the challenge for fun and social media recognition. Such viral trends will make your brand popular, and you can boost your brand and channel.

Conclusion: Why should you start using YouTube shorts right now

In conclusion, YouTube shorts are a great way to promote your brand. It is much cheaper than traditional video marketing because it does not require expensive production costs or equipment. You can make YouTube shorts at home with your smartphone.

The only downside of YouTube shorts is that they are difficult to share on Facebook. Still, you can always upload them to other social media platforms like Twitter and link back to the original video.

You should start using YouTube shorts right now for your brand video marketing.

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