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YouTube Premium: Say ‘Goodbye’ to Ads and ‘Hello’ for More

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YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium- Online videos have always been part of everyone’s online routine since the release of YouTube. To watch some movies on youtube Mardaani Full Movie Download Pagalworld Videos get people informed fast, and it’s a much more powerful tool to influence and capture people’s attention. Not a day goes by that a person with access to the internet does not watch a video online.

The online sharing platform found a way for its viewers to watch videos without ads through YouTube Red. In October 2015, viewers started subscribing to this service, watched videos, and streamed music videos without ads anytime, anywhere! What are the latest updates of this service for its viewers today?

The Name Change

To bring the ultimate streaming experience to its viewers, Youtube has combined both the services of YouTube Red and Youtube Music into Google’s new subscription service called “YouTube Premium.” With the addition of its music services and other features, YouTube Premium goes with an $11.99 monthly subscription.

What’s In for its Members?

With the recent coronavirus crisis and as more people access the internet through their smartphones, online video consumption will rise. People, on average, spend 60 minutes watching videos on YouTube through their handheld devices. However, the same problem arises among viewers, and those are YouTube ads.

Youtube Premium is the combination of everything that every avid Youtube viewer wants. It comes with great perks from YouTube Red and Youtube Music. Here are some noteworthy features that will make anyone subscribe to the service.

Background Video

Music videos from artists often have different versions than the recorded ones from their albums, and some of their fans prefer them. It has always been a dream for fans to play these versions while they are multitasking. With YouTube premium, you can play the videos while you are opening another app.

Whenever you are stuck in traffic or just doing multiple things on your mobile device, you can play the latest music videos or any online content from YouTube while messaging your friends or doing work. It’s the best feature you can ever have on a video streaming service.

Exclusive Content

Since Youtube has always been a go-to online video platform for fans to support their favorite artists, you can now watch their exclusive content under Youtube Originals. You won’t have to go to the expensive cinemas just to watch these contents since most of them are uploaded on Youtube!

Wide Music Library

As mentioned earlier, the premium subscriptions get us access to Youtube Music’s songs. Like other music platforms, Youtube Music has a massive library of songs that you can play and download anytime you want. It also has the latest releases, and you can even create your own station.

Free from Ads

Still, one of the most important perks of YouTube Premium is being free from ads. You can watch any videos or stream music videos without having to wait for the ad timer. Sometimes, clicking the skip button is such a bother, particularly if we’re listening to our favorite artists on our playlists!

Get Subscribed

After reading all the features brought to you by Youtube Premium, you might get your budget ready for that monthly subscription. The significant thing about this service is that it is available in 101 countries all over the world. You can also check your Youtube app to know if you can get the subscription.

As mentioned, YouTube Premium Subscription is at $11.99 a month. However, the video streaming platform also has several plans for its viewers on a tight budget. Learn about them below.

Individual Plan

If you prefer to get access to all of Youtube Premium’s awesome features, you can subscribe to their selected plan of $11.99 a month. You can start streaming to your favorite recorded shows, music videos, Youtube Originals, and Youtube Music. All without ads!

Family Plan

A cheap alternative to Youtube Premium is their Family Plan for $17.99. If you have friends or relatives who love to binge-watch Youtube videos all day and avid fans of their favorite artists, get them a heads up about this plan!

Members aged 13 can subscribe to the video streaming service’s premium content. If you want to add an extra member in your Family Plan, just pay $6 a month. You can extend the subscription up to five family members.

Student Plan

With most of its viewers’ ages 15 to 25, YouTube also has a great offer for younger viewers. If you’re enrolled in a college or university at the moment, you can sign-up for the Student Plan with just $6.99. It still has all the features but for a lower price only for students! Perfect for enjoying your days at school and watching informative videos without ads.

Sign Up Now!

Have you chosen the right subscription for you? Let’s get you to sign up for the most excellent features that YouTube Premium has in store for you. Click on the pop-ups for a free trial of the service on your laptop, desktop computer, and mobile device. But if you don’t see one, you can try these simple steps.
• First, log in to YouTube.
• Go to your Profile Photo. Then click or tap it.
• From the Menu, select Paid memberships.
• Click or tap on YouTube Premium and start setting up your payment method. You can also cancel your membership before your free month trial ends.

The Downside

YouTube Premium offers exciting perks, but it is still much more expensive compared to other streaming platforms. Even for loyal subscribers, the platform doesn’t provide subscription discounts.
Despite gaining access to original content and series, pay-per-view purchases, rentals, and paid channels are still not free for viewing even with the monthly subscription. So that means you have to pay again. YouTube Music doesn’t have lyrics for us to sing along, unlike Spotify. buy spotify followers


YouTube has always had a special place in our hearts and our daily activities. Without it, our lives become less entertaining. YouTube Premium gives us the best of both worlds from music and video streaming. Find the features attractive? Subscribe now!

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